CFBuilder Extensions – Apptacular

How do I install/Add Apptacular and other extensions to CFBuilder 2018 now that RIAforge is gone? Thanks!

CFBuilder, FTP and Compare Files

Why is it still so darned difficult to compare local and remote files, and then upload them, in ColdFusion Builder?

Why aren’t projects refreshing in CFBuilder 2018?

I added a bunch of files to a project via the file system, and the project in the navigator refuses to update.  Refresh does not work, neither does F5.  What do I have to do to get a project to refresh besides recreate it every time there is a change from outside the system.  I HAVE to work from 2 different machines and the files are on a network share.

CF Builder 2018 and version control question

I am new to ColdFusion Builder 2018, but I see that it has the ability to track history of file modifications within a workspace. Is there any way that you can check in/out files within CFBuilder 2018 though? It would be nice to know that a file is checked out by someone and needs to be checked in before I work on it. Best I can tell, I double click a file and it asks to take it out of […]

ColdFusion Security Code Analyzer now works with CF2021 Standard and Developer editions

If you may not have used or even considered the CF Security Code Analyzer because it worked only with CF Enterprise, check out this change in CF2021. It now works with any CF2021 edition. And you may have a free license of CF Builder you could use for this.

ColdFusion Builder 2018 – Datasource ‘XXX’ could not be found.

I installed ColdFusion 2018 on our Windows 2012 sandbox server with SQL Server 2012 Express installed.  I am able to configure several datasources using the CFAdmin which shows OK as the status.  But when I try using the connection in a cf page from CFBuilder, I get the error, Datasource AP2 could not be found. The error occurred in D:/ColdFusionBuilder2018/ColdFusion/cfusion/wwwroot/CFTest1/TestDB.cfm: line 3 1 : // script 2 : <cfscript> 3 : myquery = QueryExecute(‘SELECT * FROM artists’, [], {datasource = ‘AP2’}); […]

Filing issues for things like ColdFusion docs, Docker images, PMT, CFFiddle, and even the bug tracker itself

Did you know you can file bug reports or feature requests not only against CF or CFBuilder, but also for things related to CF like the CF docs, the CF2018 PMT, the CF Docker images, the API Manager, the site, and even Tracker itself? Read on.

Solved: Why won’t ColdFusion Builder accept my serial number?

To license CFBuilder, you need to put in a valid serial number. If you put in one for the wrong product (like CF) or the wrong CFB version, it will reject it as invalid, but it won’t explain why.

Can I use Cold Fusion Builder to auto generate forms and queries?

Back in the earlier days of CF, I was able to generate pages out of CFStudio. I have been away from it for a long time and am wondering if I can do this in CFBuilder 2018.

CF updates temporarily missing. Get them here

While CF updates are temporarily unavailable from Adobe, here’s how to get them.

Hidden Gems in CF2018, part 3 – Security, Performance, and the PMT

Part 3 of the series moves on to covering the new CF2018 Auto Lockdown tool, various performance enhancements, and the new CF2018 Performance Monitoring Toolset (PMT).

On finding what’s new in CF2018 (per the current state of the beta docs)

The public beta of ColdFusion 2018 was released today (Apr 16), and that’s great news. This is not a post about what IS new but instead about how you can find that out for yourself. UPDATE and some great news on this After I posted this entry, Saurav from Adobe did in fact address overnight nearly every concern I had raised in the original post here. Thanks for that fast response! 🙂 So, much of what I said below about “concerns” […]