August 4, 2022
ACF Builder Extension: Quick Fix
August 4, 2022
ACF Builder Extension: Quick Fix
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Adobe ColdFusion Builder Extension for Visual Studio Code

“Quick Fix”

Sometimes we all need a helping hand.


Does an IDE even have a hand?

Anyway, imagine if your VS Code was able to flag issues with your code, make suggestions, but then even make those suggestions come to life! The Builder extension for VS Code includes a “quick fix” capability.

Let’s say you’re writing a bit of CF script, like so:

Whoops! There’s a component name mismatch. Apparently, “mycfc1” doesn’t actually exist. “Quick Fix” will show a little light bulb to the left of the issue, offering a fix:

In this case, the fix is to create a new component, called mycfc1. If you select to do this, a new cfc will be created in the same folder as the cfm you’re working on.

This functionality also works in user defined functions, both locally or in external CFCs.

When the file is created, you will get all the scaffolding you need to fill in with the logic for your new component:

Sorry, it isn’t quite smart enough yet to do ALL your programming for you. We’ll work on that.

Quick fix also can help with things like calls to locally defined user defined functions. If you specify arguments in the UDF, quick fix will offer to create them for you if they don’t already exist. This also works for methods in CFCs.

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