March 30, 2021
Bintray, the home of Adobe ColdFusion Docker images, is going away May 1
March 30, 2021
Bintray, the home of Adobe ColdFusion Docker images, is going away May 1
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This isn’t technically “ColdFusion news” but it affects those who may want to use the Adobe ColdFusion Docker images. Since 2018, they have been hosted on the Docker registry service from JFrog called BinTray. (It was never clear to me why Adobe used that instead of, but perhaps it was a financial decision.)

Anyway, JFrog announced recently that they are sunsetting the BinTray service, on May 1 2021, as is also indicated via a bold banner at the top of the Adobe CF Docker image repository there.

What’s not clear (for now) is what this means for those who want to obtain Adobe CF Docker images after that date. When I first noticed the issue, I asked about it on the Adobe blog post regarding the March 2021 CF updates. I have not heard a reply in a week, so I felt it was important to go ahead and announce this to the CF community.

If you’re not familiar with (or were unaware of ) Adobe’s ColdFusion Docker images, see a 2019 post I did introducing them. The images allow you to deploy CFML via containers on such platforms as Docker, Docker Desktop, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and more, and on cloud services such as AWS, AZure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and more.

To be clear, this JFrog news does NOT at all call into question Adobe’s support for their CF Docker images. Indeed, just last week they updated them for CF2021, 2018, and 2016 when they came out with the above-mentioned updates for each of those versions. And any images you’ve already pulled/downloaded will work fine, even after that deadline.

This news only raises the question of WHERE we will find/how we will go about pulling them after May 1.

(Finally, to save folks taking the time to comment: yes, it should be noted Ortus also offers their own Commandbox Docker images for Adobe CF and for Lucee, and they too exist for CF2021, 2018, and 2016 which were updated last week. They are available via Dockerhub, instead. The Ortus images are quite different from the Adobe ones, with each offering different configurable aspects. That said, folks interested in deployment of CFML via containers should be aware of both options, to choose what’s best for their needs.)

I do hope we will hear what the plans are (for moving the Adobe CF Docker images to a new repository) well before the drop-dead date just 5 weeks from now, whether as a reply here or via their own blog post.

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