June 18, 2021
Adobe will support Dockerhub soon and supports AWS ECR now for pulling their images
June 18, 2021
Adobe will support Dockerhub soon and supports AWS ECR now for pulling their images
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[Originally posted June 18 2021, updated July 13 2021]

Here’s some news that may surprise and delight those interested in using the Adobe CF Docker images, which I just learned yesterday and today:

  • First, you can now pull the Adobe CF images from Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), including both the CF2021 image and 2018, as well as the add-on and PMT images for CF2021. These are official Adobe images, to be clear. A simple example–that works today–and will give you the CF2021 update 1 image is the following:
    docker pull public.ecr.aws/adobe/coldfusion:latest
  • Second, soon you will be able to download the Adobe CF images from DockerHub as well (“the way it’s supposed to be”, some would say). There’s no date set for when those will be posted, but indications are that it will be “very soon”, according to Adobe (see below).
    • Update: As of June 22, 2021 Adobe has now created a repo on Dockerhub. There are no images there yet, as of a check on July 13, 2021. But keep an eye on it, as it seems they will appear soon.
  • Finally, the previous repository that Adobe had used, Bintray, announced its closure, to happen May 1. The CF images there did remain accessible until very recently (indeed, as of the date I wrote this, June 17 2021). But as of a check in early July, the repo is indeed gone and pulls from it fail. (If you have images you had previously pulled, those DO still work. But consider the alternatives above, going forward.)

Both the first two above were mentioned in a comment yesterday on the Adobe CF forums. (And I had discovered the then-continued Bintray image availability while writing up this post to share the news about those other two.)

If you may be interested in more on all this, I have another post on my own site, carehart.org, with much more information:

Pulling Adobe Docker CF images, for now via Amazon ECR or Bintray, and soon via Dockerhub

including additional background on this transition, the alternative “download and docker load” approach that had been proposed initially, as well as more on using the ECR images, and still more resources on using the Adobe CF images.

For more blog content from Charlie Arehart, see his posts here as well as his posts at carehart.org. And follow him on Twitter and other social media as carehart.

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2021-07-06 18:37:18
2021-07-06 18:37:18

As an update in early July, the Bintray repo is indeed no more. Pulls fail, and the site’s URL redirects to a “sunset” page for the bintray site.

But some promising news is that Adobe has indeed created an account/repo on the Dockerhub site, as of June 22, a week after I posted this entry. For now (as of July 6) there are not yet any images there, but it seems they are sure to come.

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