November 29, 2022
Recordings of CF Summit Online sessions, finding them posted after each session
November 29, 2022
Recordings of CF Summit Online sessions, finding them posted after each session
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Interested in finding the recordings of the Online version of the 2022 CF Summit?


  • recordings of the CF Summit Online are now being posted on the Adobe CF team Youtube channel, and
  • we can expect to see soon other places listing all the recordings for the event, as a single playlist.

I discuss each of these more, below.

As you may have heard, Adobe has started offering a series of online webinars where they have the presenters from the CF Summit (held early October in Vegas) repeat their sessions as webinars that are being recorded. This “ColdFusion Summit Online” will continue for some weeks to come, and the event registration page lists the past and upcoming sessions (so far announced).

The good news is that the recordings have started to be posted, and are being posted after each event, but you might not have noticed or heard the news. Also, I didn’t find any post here from them announcing them, thus this post.

I will point out here both where they are/how to view them, and I will update this post if I learn of new ways you can keep an eye out for them.

Recordings posted at the Adobe CF YouTube channel

First, note that the sessions are being offered at the @adobecoldfusion youtube channel. That’s great.

Note that that “videos” page there lists any videos that the CF team may post, in order of recent posting.

While you could keep an eye on that page, one challenge is that in time it will have videos that are NOT from the Online CF Summit. (Indeed, already there is Mark Takata’s “Road to Fortuna” talk from last week, previewing CF2023, which again is technically NOT a “CF Summit” Online talk.)

Recording links offered elsewhere

Some may well be happy to just use that Youtube videos page as “the place to watch for any Adobe CF team videos”, but there are a few places where in the past they have offered dedicated lists of session recordings for an event. We can hope in time they will offer those again, with links to those recordings (and in some cases perhaps also indicating the speaker name/session description).

I will have come back to update this page if/as I find those being created:

Given how the event is spread out over many weeks, we may or may not find those lists above to be kept up 100% accurate as each event recording is posted. Again, keep an eye on the Youtube channel for the most accurate listing (and keep an eye on the event registration page for upcoming sessions).

(Adobe’s also been posting news of upcoming sessions in the series via their twitter channel, which is great. Perhaps they may start also offer tweets when they post each recordings, but so far not yet.)

It can indeed be helpful when we can look in some single place that lists all the recordings for an event. It’s great that we’ve been “spoiled for choice” with those being created for past events. Of course, it takes time and effort for that sort of work to be done, and I hope in time it will be.

Until then, it’s certainly great that they were recorded at all and have started to be offered on the CF team youtube channel.

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