November 1, 2022
Join Adobe for “ColdFusion Summit Online”, re-presenting sessions over the next several weeks
November 1, 2022
Join Adobe for “ColdFusion Summit Online”, re-presenting sessions over the next several weeks
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[Posted Nov 1, 2022; Updated Nov 10th and 4th, 2022]

Adobe announced Nov 1 that the “ColdFusion Summit Online” would begin soon, where they would be having presenters offer their sessions again from the CF Summit last month, to be live-streamed and recorded (since that couldn’t be done in Vegas).

Update Nov 4: Adobe has started announcing sessions. I said I would try to keep this list up-to-date as they had not yet offered such a post here. Now I will not, because…

Update Nov 10: Adobe has now created a page (though not a blog post) where THEY are posting the events as they are scheduled (and which offer a link to both register and later to access the recordings after the session):

To keep up on the events, visit that Summit Online event page. You can register for individual sessions or all, which I hope may mean we’d get notified as each is announced going forward. I just registered for “the event” today, Nov 10.

The first session starts Nov 16, and just happens to be my own talk:

(Curiously, it’s not listed on that single event page, but I’ll assume that’s a simple mistake. I’ve pointed it out to them.)

What follows is the remainder of the post, as I originally offered it.

Here is the first tweet the offered sharing the news of the event:

And they added as text in the tweet:

All the webinars, all the speakers from Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2022 – brought right to your screen. All sessions will soon be streamed online, for your convenience. Stay tuned for more!

They will likely share the news elsewhere, but I wanted to share it here on the portal.

Each session will be offered individually as they are arranged, and you will be able to register for attendance (and to access the recording). Perhaps they will offer a post here tracking all the upcoming sessions. (If they don’t, I plan to.)

Great to get to see the sessions, either if you didn’t get to attend or for those of us who did but couldn’t see them all given there were 3 tracks with no repeated sessions. Thanks to Kishore and other Adobe folks for arranging this!

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