October 19, 2022
The Summit That Was – Captured for your convenience
October 19, 2022
The Summit That Was – Captured for your convenience

On the brightly-lit lanes of Las Vegas, inside the bowels of The Mirage, Adobe ColdFusion hosted its tenth Annual ColdFusion Summit on 3-4 October.

Shameer Ayyapan hosted the ColdFusion Keynote on Day 1 highlighting the state of Adobe ColdFusion as well as its release plan Joel Cohen, acclaimed writer of The Simpsons was the other highlight speaker amidst a veritable roster of eminent speakers and experts. For over two days, they imparted knowledge and insights to CF fans from across the globe with lively discussions about the potential of ColdFusion in a rapidly-evolving world of tech.

The slides from the sessions are uploaded and online, for easy access at your own pace and availability.

Here’s a few sessions you can take a look at for now:

Easier API Development and Testing – Use PostMan, Webhook.site, and ngrok to Enhance Your Workflow – Daniel Garcia

SMS/Email/Voice Using Twilio with ColdFusion – Chase Cabrera

A Sneak Peek into ColdFusion Builder on VSCode – Nikhil Dubey

Step by step guide to upgrading procedural code to MVC & Why you should do it – Gavin Pickin

Leveraging AI / Cognitive Services via ColdFusion – Michael Hayes

Taming The Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Weaknesses – Pete Freitag

Message Queues with RabbitMQ – Brad Wood

OAuth2 for me and you – Matt Gifford

How the Adobe CF Docker Images Have Evolved – Charlie Arehart

Modernizing through evolution not revolution – Guust Nieuwenhuis

Modern Semantics in ColdFusion – Suchika Singh

Google Cloud for the ColdFusion Community – Terrence Ryan

Integrating OAUTH2 providers with CF and building apps using Graph API – Uday Ogra

One-Hour Workshop: Build a complete development, deployment pipeline, and production environment for your code! – David Byers

Below the Surface: Web Vulnerabilities Hiding in your Applications – Brian Reilly

How to identify performance and stability problems using the magical powers of FusionReactor APM – David Tattersall

Opportunities for blockchain technology and NFTs in the real world.- Masha Edelen and Nick Juntilla

Serverless Beyond Simple: Creating Complex Cloud Workflows with CFML at the Center – Brian Klaas

Exploring AWS Java SDK developer features using CFJava – Brian Bockhold

Native Mobile Apps with Monaca.io & Adobe ColdFusion 2021 – Mark Takata

Mining Electronic Documents for Fun and Profit (and other business critical needs) – Raymond Camden

Spreadsheet Magic – Kevin Wright

Keep an eye out though, because we will be uploading more presentations from the Summit and keep adding to this blog as well. Make sure you check back in regularly!

That’s all for now!

2023-01-21 14:09:13
2023-01-21 14:09:13

Hugh, I can help there. They did indeed start posting the recordings to YouTube, and when I noticed it I created a blog post pointing them out.


And as they progress through offering all the sessions they are being added there, and as I note there’s even a playlist:


BTW, the re-offering of the talks is NOT happening in the oder listed in the post above. The playlist offers them in the order they are being posted as tecordings, and 2 months later they’re about half-way through getting them all presented online. 

2023-01-03 19:36:55
2023-01-03 19:36:55

I’ll second that question from Charlie Arehart .  Are the videos going to be offered?

2022-11-24 14:15:34
2022-11-24 14:15:34

Is there a place where recordings of the “online summit” are being offered? There have been 3 sessions so far, but none yet posted here (under videos or blogs) or on the adobecoldfusion YouTube channel.

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