September 14, 2021
Adobe ColdFusion Docker images now available on dockerhub
September 14, 2021
Adobe ColdFusion Docker images now available on dockerhub
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(Posted originally Sept 13, 2021; updated Sept 14, 2021)

I’m happy to be able to report that Adobe has finally started putting their ColdFusion Docker images onto Docker hub. It started last week with CF2021, which I found was put there last week. And just hours after I posted this blog entry, those for CF2018 were added. For more info, read on.

This is a follow-up to my post in July reporting how Adobe had announced then their plans to create a Dockerhub repo for ColdFusion, and how they had already started to post images to the Amazon ECR repo for ColdFusion.

Getting the CF2021 Adobe CF Docker image

Again, when I posted this the evening of Sept 13, 2021, only the CF2021 image (updated for its update 1) was available, and it could be pulled easily using simply:

docker pull adobecoldfusion/coldfusion:latest

Sadly, for now there is only that “latest” tag. I am hoping that soon they will follow the pattern that was used at the old bintray repo, where this would have been tagged 2021.0.1, indicating it was update 1. (But one can confirm that it’s the update 1 version of the image, using the “info” command available for use with the CF Docker images. See the link to the docs below for more on that.)

And in fact just hours after I posted this entry, Adobe announced update 2 of CF2021 (and update 12 of CF2018) had been released. As of the morning of Sept 14, they have not yet posted at dockerhub the image for update 2 of CF2021.

Getting the CF2018 and related Adobe CF Docker image

But I can report (as an update to my original post here) that as of the morning of Sept 14 we can now also get the CF2018 image (at its update 12), as well as the images for the CF add-on services, the PMT (monitor), and API Manager, for now for CF2018 and I suspect very shortly also for CF2021. As I wrote here originally last night, all of those did exist already at the ECR repo mentioned above.

Getting more info on using the Adobe CF Docker images

Finally, while the Dockerhub page has no information on how to go about USING the images, that info IS offered at that ECR repo page for the CF image , first in its “about” tab and then in its “usage” tab.

And for still more info on using them, see the CF docs page on  using the Adobe CF Docker images.

I also had done a post on using the images back in 2019, and while the image repo name and tags may have changed since then, much of what I said is still useful. I also did two talks on using the Adobe CF Docker images (and mentioning also the Ortus Commandbox CF images) in 2019 and 2020, both available at  I’ve been meaning to offer still more content, especially showing folks how to use these in Kubernetes, which of course is easily done (for those who already understand how to use K8s).

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