May 5, 2021
Adobe ColdFusion Projects page is now live!!
May 5, 2021
Adobe ColdFusion Projects page is now live!!

We have just launched the Projects page on our Community portal to enable our developers to find some examples to help them get started quicker in their Projects. All these Projects are free to download and to reuse. Please feel free to reuse the Projects or part of the Project.

Here are some of the Projects that we have uploaded for you:

1: Cloud Library Showcase App Source Code

 This project showcases the Cloud features in the 2021 release of Adobe ColdFusion. It shows the capabilities of talking to cloud services and how we could easily switch from AWS to Azure without making any code change.

2: ColdFusion DAM  

This project shows how we could use ColdFusion to create a Digital Asset Management tool. It also showcases capabilities such as storing data in either AWS or Azure. The read me has more details about how to install the project and get started.

3: ColdFusion + JavaScript Frameworks: How to build scalable and interactive applications

 Check out this project for a walk-through of the various concepts and technologies that will help you select the right JavaScript framework to complement your ColdFusion application.

4: Building REST APIs with ColdFusion

Check out this project for a first-hand look at REST APIs and learn how to register, create and consume web services in Adobe ColdFusion.

5: ColdFusion + Excel

 This project will let you in on the different use cases and applications that can be accomplished with Adobe ColdFusion, with respect to Excel documents.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Adobe ColdFusion Projects Page today, to discover, download and reuse some great projects!

If there are any snippets that you would love to have added to this page, please drop a mail to me at



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