January 13, 2021
The next version of CF (after CF2021) is to be code-named Project Fortuna (not Athena)
January 13, 2021
The next version of CF (after CF2021) is to be code-named Project Fortuna (not Athena)
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This a correction and expansion to news I shared here yesterday: first, the next release of CF will be code-named Project Fortuna, not Athena. I will explain that in a moment. Second and more useful, I can also share more here about what’s planned for the new release.

Read on for more.

The recent code-name change

As I clarified in that post yesterday, I had found the “Athena” reference in public resources, including a podcast released just this week (though it seems from some parts that it may have been recorded in December). I offered the quotes and links, like a good reporter. 🙂

Then today (Jan 13, 20201), I heard on a public webinar on CF2021 with Rakshith that the next release would instead be code-named Project Fortuna. Doh! 🙂

I asked him about it afterwards and he said that it had to change due to some internal decisions. So of course I needed to get that update out here.

What’s planned for Fortuna

Second, in that webinar he also offered a slides with some bullet points with broad stokes about what is currently planned for that next release. He didn’t elaborate on these, and of course plans can change (and surely more will be added, as we see each release).

But still some may find the points interesting. Again, it was a public webinar, so I’m sure it’s ok for me to quote the points here.

Under the first “Microservices” category of planned new features (even in CF2021, these same 3 “pillars” of broad functionality were used):

  • Productive REST and GraphQL
  • API Microgateway – service mesh
  • CF on AKS, Amazon EKS, GKE (Kubernetes engines for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud)

Under the “Cloud” category:

  • Deeper services integration
  • Broader cloud support – GC
  • Productive local environment for programming with cloud services

Under the “Modernization” category:

  • Centralized configuration
  • Language improvements beyond cfscript 2.0
  • VSCode based IDE

Closing thoughts

I had thought about folding the info in this post into the one from yesterday, “correcting” it, but then I feared that some may have seen that post already and might not see the news and additional info in this new post.

As I said also yesterday, as more info may be offered (like a link to a public roadmap), I will try to add it here (rather than there. And of course I will point that post to this one.)

Sorry for the confusion. “As always, just trying to help.”

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