Public beta for Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release) and Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release)

We are pleased to announce the availability of public beta for Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release) and Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release).

The public beta is available on the ColdFusion community portal. If you are new to community portal, watch the video on the portal or read the getting started document for the ColdFusion community portal. Get rewarded for your contribution! Each engagement earns you points.

Click on the “Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release) public beta” banner on the right hand side of the community portal to enter the public beta release area for ColdFusion (2018 release). You will find all the installers, links to documentation, link to report bugs and link to initiate/follow all the discussions on public beta.

As always, we appreciate every contribution you make and provide feedback on this most awaited release of ColdFusion. If there is one thing that ColdFusion (2018 release) is about, then it is about performance. It is not just the runtime performance improvements. We have a brand new offering called the Performance Monitoring Toolset. The Performance Monitoring Toolset is a significant upgrade to the server monitor from previous versions. Then comes the wide array of language improvements that all you ColdFusion developers will love. We now have a solution to Auto Lockdown your production systems with no manual steps. I will stop here and let you explore the goodness by yourself.

Happy testing your favorite platform! See you on the discussion forums of the public beta.

In case you have any questions or concerns around the community portal, please reach out to us at

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      • What’s new and changed in the 2018 release of ColdFusion
        1. ColdFusion (2018 release) has a new User Interface. The new interface is based on a tiled
        interface. We have also enriched the search experience on the Administrator portal.
        2. We have removed Server Monitor. We have introduced a tool called Performance Monitoring
        Toolset, which is more intuitive, includes more features, and provides better visibility of your
        application’s performance.
        3. We have made significant improvements to the core language features. Here is a brief list of the
        a. Introduced NULL support
        b. Introduced closures in tags
        c. Introduced Asynchronous programming using Future
        d. Enhanced Object-Oriented Programming with the following:
        i. Abstract components and methods
        ii. Final component, method, and variable
        iii. Default functions in interfaces
        iv. Covariance
        e. Semi-colons are now optional in a cfscript code
        f. Introduced named parameters in functions
        g. Introduced slicing in arrays
        h. New operator support using name-spaces for java, webservices, dotnet com, corba, and
        i. Introduced support for typed arrays
        j. Introduced string literals and support for numeric member functions
        k. Introduced negative indices support for arrays
        l. New functions- ArrayFirst, Arraylast, QueryDeleteColumn, and QueryDeleteRow
        4. Enhanced CLI and introduced REPL.
        5. Introduced REST Playground application for testing your REST APIs.
        6. Added support for REST PATCH verb.
        7. Filter fields from JSON request.
        8. Enhance performance through Caching with the newly added engines:
        a. Memcached
        b. JCS
        c. Redis
        d. Using a custom cache plugin
        9. New Admin APIs to support the caching engines
        10. Hibernate upgraded to ver 5.2
        11. New configuration settings in wsconfig tool
        12. Updates to ColdFusion Builder.

        • So no Docker support? I don’t see what the new benefits are, especially without moving to modern devils delivery. Organizations are moving away from monolithic apps, to micro services running in containers. I thought 2018 was to move in that direction, yet nothing.

          • Thomas, just to be clear, there was indeed supposed to be docker support added in CF2018, as had been announced in various events and comments leading up to it.

            But you’re right, it’s not listed there now (in the larger “what’s new” document).

            It’s also not mentioned in the “known issues” document.

            Curiously, there’s this in the “issues fixed” document:

            CF-4160098 Official Adobe ColdFusion Docker images do not exist.

            That refers to the ticket at, but it’s only got (as of today) comments and votes from 2017 and earlier.

            It would indeed be helpful if they would mention the plans for Docker support (or if they have been dropped) somewhere in these docs or on this page.

          • Docker support is not specific to CF 2018. That is the reason you do not see a mention of it under what’s new. Within a couple of months from now you will see official images for ColdFusion 2016 coming out. Once CF 2018 is released, we will have images for CF 2018 as well.

    • Michael, there are two docs for you to look at (to start), both linked to from the page about the beta (, linked to from that top right banner on the portal). There, you’ll see a “documentation” column to the right of the downloads.

      First, is the “what’s new” page, which you can also just get to directly with this link (during this prerelease beta): It’s just a one-page overview of the 12 key new features they’ve chosen to highlight (there are always still more they do not).

      There is then what they label (currently) as “ColdFusion 2018 Documentation” ( One might reasonably miss this, presuming that was a link to the 2018 version of the complete docs, but it’s not. It’s really the kind of “what’s new” or “release notes” that I suspect you were really seeking, and it’s (in this beta) 62 pages, including screenshot of most of the major new things.

      There’s more I’d want to say about the new docs, including using them and some improvements I’d like to say, but it started to become a long comment, so I will create it as a blog post instead.

          • So the answer would be, no, there’s no such feature documented there (if you refer to the => aspect of your sample line of code).

            You speak your first comment as if you expected it to be a feature that would have been added to CF2018. Was that based on someone from Adobe telling you that it would be?

            If instead you’re presuming that because it is in Lucee it will be added, that’s not the case. In each release, each engine sometimes takes on board features added by the other (and it’s gone both ways).

            If it’s not in this release (and no one from Adobe says it will be but is just not documented), then your next step would be to file that as a feature request at

            Hope that’s helpful. I’m just another reader here. I don’t work for Adobe.

  1. Until there’s a bug fix for, the whole package is completely useless. I’ve had to find workarounds just to keep the old sites I have left on CF up and running. Very few companies rely on running their own mail server anymore. I have absolutely ZERO intentions of forking out the cash for another version until this bug is fixed. So has it been fixed, or has mail server integration been tossed to the side in this version too?

  2. I seem to be having trouble with the Elvis operator. Every time I encounter it in code so far, it seems to throw a null pointer reference error, see below:

    The system has attempted to use an undefined value, which usually indicates a programming error, either in your code or some system code.
    Null Pointers are another name for undefined values.

    Is anyone else seeing this?

  3. With regard to Java versions:

    I see the ColdFusion 2018 Public Beta is currently shipping with Java 9.0.4. Given that Java 9 has already reached Public EOL in March 2018, and Java 10 is GA but due for Public EOL in September 2018 (due to both Java 9 & 10 not being classified as Long Term Support releases): what version of Java is Adobe planning on shipping ColdFusion 2018 with for the public release? Obviously Java 11 is not GA yet, but would it be correct to presume the long term plan is to offer CF2018 with Java 11?

    Similarly, what is the intention with regard to ColdFusion 11 & 2016: is the plan to provide updates to support Java 9/10/11, as was done previously with the transition from Java 7 to Java 8?

    • Adobe have responded regarding Java versions and ColdFusion 2018.

      Suresh Jayaraman said:
      Regarding the official support for Java 10 for CF 2018 , the current plan is to support it even though we have shipped the installers with Java 9 JRE .. we are contemplating on switching to Java 10 .

      BTW , even the Public beta build was certified in Java 10 before release so you are safe to continue to test with Java 10

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