Upgrade path to ColdFusion (2018 release)

Many of you may already be aware that we are running a pre-release public beta for ColdFusion (2018 release). This post is to give you a heads up that ColdFusion (2018 release), slated to be released in the second half of this year, will only have upgrade pricing available from ColdFusion (2016 release). If you are on ColdFusion 11 or earlier, then you will not be eligible for the upgrade pricing.

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  1. To be clear then, if someone has a paid-up license for ColdFusion 11 (which is currently supported by Adobe), they first have to buy an upgrade to ColdFusion 2016 and then buy an upgrade to ColdFusion 2018? Or do they have to buy a full ColdFusion 2018 license all over again?

  2. Rakshith, can you tell folks how they would buy the CF2016 upgrade license? If one visits the CF product page (https://www.adobe.com/products/coldfusion-family.html), the only links offered to “buy” are for full versions of CF Std or Ent. (I thought it used to be that in clicking those, one then saw on the next page an option to choose whether to do an upgrade or full license, but now there is no such choice.)

    So it’s not clear how one, seeing this post, would proceed if they wanted to.

    In the meantime, I will point out to readers that there are of course resellers for CF, and one is the company Intergral, makers of the FusionReactor (the monitor for CF and other CFML and Java servers, at fusion-reactor.com). Their site for CF license purchases is https://www.buy-adobe-software.com, and they DO show upgrade (and full) prices, and of course those are at a discount off the list price.

  3. Thanks, Rakshith. But we must be seeing different results.

    When I click that button (the one in the top right corner), it goes to the checkout page which reports, “you’re buying Adobe ColdFusion Edition (2016 Release)”.

    There is indeed a “type”, “platform”, and “language” field, each saying “full license” “all available platforms”, and “English”, respectively. I cannot change any of them. Only the quantity can be changed (which tells us this is not some JS problem). And again, this is in all browsers I’ve tested: Chrome, FF, Vivaldi, and IE.

    And each of the other “buy now” buttons does at least pick the product for which they are listed. But there seems no way with any of them to change the product, type, platform, or language.

    And of course what we’re talking about here particularly is if someone wanted to change the “type” to “upgrade”. I’m not seeming how they can do it.

    Can you confirm if you see differently? Can anyone else chime in, if reading along?

  4. Hi Adobe,

    The home page (https://coldfusion.adobe.com/) indicates this post is in the “Blogs” category.

    1) Why is this post not listed in the Blogs feed: https://coldfusion.adobe.com/category/blog/feed/
    2) Why is this post not listed on the Blogs category page: https://coldfusion.adobe.com/category/blog/

    Is the process not automated? Odd how the home page indicates it’s already in the Blogs category.. Hmm..


    • @Charlie, I have heard back from Kishore. This issue of not seeing an option to upgrade has been reported to the concerned team. The issue will be fixed once ColdFusion 2018 goes live. Thanks to you for reporting the issue.

      • Wow.

        So I’ll remind people wanting to buy an upgrade online that they can do so (and at a discount) at https://www.buy-adobe-software.com/.

        That’s the sister site of fusion-reactor.com, where CF and CFB are offered, in all available versions and editions, both full and upgrades, each clearly presented with their prices and discounts.

        Hope that helps some wanting to buy an upgrade before 2018 comes out (speaking to the original point of Rakshith’s post here).

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