December 14, 2017
Primary Objects Information System
December 14, 2017
Primary Objects Information System
I am Co-founder and Operations Manager at Promisan, the Netherlands. My journey in ColdFusion started more than 12 years ago, when I and my business partner founded Promisan, a consulting company that specializes in providing consultancy services to governmental, intergovernmental and private organizations, in the area of information management, through ColdFusion. I have been in charge of building a top notch enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, fully developed in ColdFusion which has been successfully implemented by Promisan’s consultants in several organizations across the globe.   I am also a former Fulbright Scholar and hold a M.S. in Information Technology and Operations Management from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA.
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Prosis is a top notch enterprise resource planning (ERP) system fully built in ColdFusion. It is designed from the ground up to serve small, medium or large organizations, Prosis helps you to take charge of your information problem and automate your operations across budget, program and project planning, human resources, supply chain, stock control, asset control, sales, work-order services and financials.

Equipped with a powerful workflow definition framework, Prosis is capable of modelling business processes through a collection of structured steps, where actors can interact among each other in order to execute business operations, just as it is conducted in real life.

View, print and archive custom reports using dynamic filtering criteria. View and scroll down predefined views. Subscribe, schedule and e-mail reports. Extract data into a portable format or analyze it through data sets and customized business intelligence reports.

Prosis modules are grouped under the following 4 clusters:

  1. Program and Project management: Designed around the Balanced Scorecard Methodology, this module covers: Program and Project Classification, Activity Planning, Financial Requirements, Funds and Donor Management, Progress Reporting, Approval and Budget Allocation and Budget Execution. It models an organization as a group of projects and programs funded through a defined planning period, and monitored through either indicators or activity progress reports
  2. Human Resources: These modules cover Human Resource information from an integrated single repository of all personnel employed and supervised by a particular department as planned from both budgeting and functional perspective. Provides Human Resource tools for the administration of Leave Management, Time Management, Payroll Entitlements and Travel Claims. In addition, it supports the complete recruitment process and provides ample talent management functionality.
  3. Operations and supply chain: Procurement Integrated with Supplies, Asset Management, Finance-General Ledger, and Budget Modules, provide automatic updating of critical information when goods are requested, ordered, received or paid. Asset Management provides the tools for Life-time Management. Work-order and service modules, integrated with Procurement and Supply Management allows a variety of services to be defined and billed.
  4. Financial management: Besides the financial transactions generated by the other modules, this module allows you to define and manage your own journals. Accounts Payable (AP), Payment Orders, Accounts Receivable (AR) and Bank reconciliation functionalities are embedded.

Prosis can be implemented modular and hosted on-site or as SAAS solution.

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