November 20, 2023
Installing and Configuring API Manager in Cluster
November 20, 2023
Installing and Configuring API Manager in Cluster

Server A

Install API Manager along with Analytic Server and Datastore

Server B

Install API Manager and point it to the Analytic Server and Datastore installed on Server A

Server A: Installing API Manager, Analytics, and datastore

1–!> Launch the installer

2–!> Accept the License Agreement and click next

3–!>Choose the Install directory location

4–!> Enter the Serial Key and click on next

5–!> Verify the port and click on the next

6–!> Select Analytics and Datastore, and click on next

7–!> Verify the ports for Analytics and Datastore and click on next

8–!> Enter the UserName and Password for accessing API Manager Admin page and click on next

9–!> Verify the installation summary and click on Install

10–!> Once the installation is complete, click on done

11–!> Login to API Admin. From menu go to API Manager datastore

12–!> Add IP address of the API server for Host field and click save

13–!> Open file in text editor from ColdFusion2018APIManager/database/datastore

14–!> Comment out the “bind” (#

15–!> Search for “requirepass” and copy the password (Keep a copy of that password somewhere as we need to use it later), Save the file

16–!> Go to “ColdFusion2018APIManager/conf” folder and open “” file and copy the value somewhere as we would need that later as well)

17–!>  In Explorer, open “elasticsearch.yml” file in a text editor from the “ColdFusion2018APIManager/database/analytics/config” folder, find “” and replace its IP address with the API server IP address and save the file

18–!> On the browser, go to API Admin site/Server/ API Analytics Server add the API server IP address in the “Address” field, and click Save

19–!> Restart all ColdFusion services (analytics, datastore, manager)… Start manager last.  This will ensure all changes are correct.

Server B: Install API Manager only and point it to Datastore and Analytics on Server A

20–!> Launch the installation and click next

21–!> Accept the license and click next

22–!> Choose the Installation Directory and click next

23–!> Enter the serial key and click next

24–!> Verify the API Manager Port and click next

25–!> Uncheck Datastore and Analytics and click next

26–!> Select the option “Add to API Manager to cluster” and add the Seed Value, which we have copied on Step 16 on Server A, Click No to Redis Cluster and enter IP Address and port of Server A for datastore

27–!> Add the password we saved earlier from “requirepass” field on ServerA step 15 and click Next

28–!> Add Server A IP Address and port for Analytics Server and click next

29–!> Verify the Installation Summary and click next

30–!> Once the installation is complete, click on done

31–!>On Server A below, API Manager Processes will be running

32–!>On Server B only API Manager will be running and will be pointed to Datastore and Analytics running on Server A

32–!>Once Done, you can log in to API Manager Admin page and verify the IP Address of Datastore and Analytics under “API DataStore” and “API Analytics Server”, those will be pointed to Server A

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2023-11-23 04:19:28
2023-11-23 04:19:28

Very helpful, thanks.

I’m sure some would appreciate a similar post on setting up the cf pmt in the same way, with it and its datastore service on one machine along with cf and another instance on another machine.

Or similarly, a post could show setting up the CF addons service on one machine with CF on that and another.

Just offering ideas if they may interest you. 🙂

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