May 16, 2023
Introducing the 2023 Release of Adobe ColdFusion
May 16, 2023
Introducing the 2023 Release of Adobe ColdFusion
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We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of Adobe ColdFusion 2023!  Packed with cutting-edge features and enhanced performance, this release takes ColdFusion to new heights of innovation.

Experience accelerated development, robust security measures, and seamless integration with modern technologies. From rapid application development to scalable enterprise solutions, Adobe ColdFusion empowers developers to build dynamic web applications with ease. Discover the limitless possibilities and stay ahead in the digital era.

Upgrade to the latest version now and harness the true potential of ColdFusion. Elevate your coding experience with Adobe ColdFusion – the ultimate platform for unmatched productivity and success.

Discover the powerful features of the new Adobe ColdFusion below:

LDAP and SAML integration
Integrate LDAP and SAML authentication seamlessly with ColdFusion, enabling secure and centralized user management, authentication, and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities for your applications, enhancing security and user experience. Learn More.

Central Configuration Server
Utilize ColdFusion’s Central Configuration Server to manage and centralize configuration settings across multiple instances, simplifying administration, enhancing scalability, and ensuring consistency in your ColdFusion deployments. Learn More.

GraphQL client
Leverage ColdFusion’s GraphQL client capabilities to easily consume and interact with GraphQL APIs, empowering efficient data retrieval, flexible querying, and seamless integration with GraphQL-powered services and applications. Learn More.

Convert HTML to PDF effortlessly using ColdFusion, preserving the layout, styles, and formatting of the original HTML content, enabling easy generation of professional-looking PDF documents from web pages or templates. Learn More.

Cloud Services
Leverage ColdFusion’s cloud capabilities to effortlessly deploy and scale applications, access cloud-based services, integrate with cloud platforms, and ensure seamless performance and availability in the cloud environment. Learn More.

JWT integration in CF
Implement JSON Web Token (JWT) integration in ColdFusion to provide secure authentication and authorization mechanisms, enabling efficient and trusted data exchange between client applications and servers, enhancing overall security and reliability. Learn More.

Still More

Above are the major features, but there are still other new features and improvements (Avro and ProtoBuf support, CF Admin login via SAML or LDAP, and more), as well as updates to supported Operating Systems, web servers, database servers, and more.

See What’s New in ColdFusion (2023 Release) for links to all the above and more, including some known issues, frequently asked questions, and more.

Don’t miss out on the incredible new release of Adobe ColdFusion! Unlock unparalleled innovation, enhanced performance, and a world of possibilities. Upgrade now and experience the future of web application development.


To download ColdFusion 2023, please visit: Download link

Again, see the What’s New document for much more on this release.

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