May 17, 2023
ColdFusion 2023 – Google Cloud Platform – FireStore
May 17, 2023
ColdFusion 2023 – Google Cloud Platform – FireStore
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Cloud Firestore is a flexible, scalable NoSQL cloud database to store and sync data for client- and server-side development. It offers seamless integration with other Firebase and Google Cloud products. Here are some use cases where Firestore can be effectively applied:

Real-Time Applications: Firestore allows real-time listeners to be attached to data, enabling the development of applications that require real-time updates like collaborative tools, real-time analytics, dashboards, or gaming leaderboards.

Offline Synchronization: Firestore supports automatic offline data persistence. This is useful for applications that need to function offline and then synchronize data with the cloud when the device is back online. This feature is particularly useful for mobile applications.

Serverless Applications: Firestore works very well with Google Cloud Functions, allowing developers to trigger functions in response to specific changes in your Firestore data. This is useful in scenarios where you need to react to changes in your data, like sending notifications to users, updating an analytics dashboard, or keeping denormalized data consistent.

Multi-Region Replication: Firestore’s multi-region replication allows for strong consistency and reliability for applications that have users across the globe. This is useful for applications that require high availability and reliability.

IoT Applications: Firestore can be used to store and sync data from IoT devices, allowing real-time monitoring and control of these devices.

User Profiles: Firestore can be used to store user profiles and personalize the user experience. Data can be updated in real-time, and the offline support allows for a good user experience even when the device is not connected.

Content Management System (CMS): Firestore’s ability to store complex hierarchical data makes it a good choice for storing and managing content for websites, blogs, or any other application that requires a CMS.

E-commerce Applications: Firestore can be used to store product catalogs, user shopping carts, and transaction history for e-commerce applications. The real-time capabilities can be used to update product availability in real-time and provide a dynamic shopping experience.

In Adobe ColdFusion 2023, we are adding the ability to interact with Google Cloud Platform FireStore directly from your CFML code. As with the other GCP features, you will need a GCP account, with a project that has FireStore enabled, and a set of credentials from a service account which is enabled on the project. You will then create credentials on your ColdFusion server using either the administrator or in your code.

For code samples showing how to add and read back data from a GCP FireStore instance, please take a look at my GitHub here:

For more documentation on how to use FireStore with Adobe ColdFusion 2023, please see our detailed documentation here:


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