October 11, 2022
CFSummit 2022 Recap
October 11, 2022
CFSummit 2022 Recap
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Well, that’s another CF Summit in the books, and the first in-person event in 2 years. It was an absolute joy and thrill to be able to see all of you that made it to the event this year in person. I just wanted to take a moment and re-live a bit of the fun, give thanks to folks and give some updates.

We started things off on Monday morning, 9am, with a heck of a thing: me on stage, at a CF Summit, before a keynote, for the first time. I was giddy, and it was a bit like a walking dream. Looking out on that sea of faces in the crowd, all there to celebrate this weird, crazy and amazing language called ColdFusion.

But I was just there to introduce the Director of Product for CF, Shameer Ayyappan, who took us on a journey and introduced 3 fantastic customer presentations. To Mario Rodrigues, Urmil Mehtah and Brian Sappey, I want to give my deepest thanks for sharing your stories with us.

The keynote was followed by a day of multi-track sessions (3 tracks!) that went until 4:00pm, covering a wide swath of topics from security, to legacy code, to messaging, voice and much more. We ended the day’s sessions with a fireside chat between myself and Shameer, where we delved into some potential future routes for ColdFusion. And 3/4 of the way through, we brought in a special guest, Brian Sappey, who spoke about his incredible ColdFusion education initiative in North Carolina. All that excitement rolled right into our fantastic pool-side party.

Day two was an absolute rollercoaster for me. I got to meet and introduce the hilarious Joel H. Cohen, writer for the Simpsons (his talk was fantastic and funny as all get out). Then we rolled once again into a day of sessions, including my own talk on developing native mobile apps powered by ColdFusion.

The day ended with a giveaway session where we gave out shirts, a security package from Foundeo (thanks again Pete!) and a Meta Oculus VR headset.

I hope everyone had a great time, and that their trips home were safe and uneventful.

Now, for some updates, we are asking speakers to do the talks they did at Summit for us as webinars. These will be available to attend live, for free, for everyone. They will also be recorded and available on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for a schedule of those. We will most likely kick things off with me doing my talk on October 27th at 11am (official signup coming soon). I have also added files and the PPT from my talk to my GitHub, which is available here: https://github.com/MarkRTakata/CFSummit2022

Again, thank you to all the amazing speakers we had, to the incredible staff from Adobe and The Mirage hotel, without whom none of this could have been possible, and to all of the attendees for coming out and seeing us in person. We’ve got more in store for you, stay tuned!

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