December 14, 2021
Viewing the ColdFusion Summit 2021 recordings
December 14, 2021
Viewing the ColdFusion Summit 2021 recordings
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[Originally posted Dec 14, 2021. Updated Mar 30, 2022]

If you would like to view the videos from the Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2021, which happened Dec 7-8, you can view the recordings via the CF Portal “videos“.

For a time, you could also find them another way, discussed below, but I am finding on Mar 30 2022 that the other way is failing. Perhaps it’s a temporary problem. Anyway, I have updated the post here to clarify above how you CAN find the recordings on that videos page.

If you may want to try that other way:

  • Visit the CF Summit 2021 conference site
  • Once on the site, click the “join now” button (if you registered previously, and you’ll be asked to provide the email address you used), or the “register for free” button to get access.
  • Then you will be taken to the virtual conference site (just like was experienced on the day)
  • In the top left of that page click its available “agenda” icon, which will show each session, with the two days of tracks.
  • Click the available “launch” button for the session you’re interested in. That will start the recording (and you’ll be able to see the chat that happened for that session as well).

Lots of great content. Again, if that last set of steps don’t work, just check out the recordings on the Videos page here on the portal.

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