July 6, 2021
What to try when Adobe site downloads or form submissions fail to work properly
July 6, 2021
What to try when Adobe site downloads or form submissions fail to work properly
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Have you perhaps tried to download ColdFusion from the Adobe site, only to find after you fill out the CF dev/trial download form that the download would not start? You’re just left at a page which offers no other means to download (Adobe could and should fix that by offering links on that page in case this could happen).

Or perhaps you’ve tried to file a bug report at the Adobe Tracker site, only to find that the bug report fails to be submitted and you instead get an error, “Bug Submission Failed“.  Even trying to file a blog post on this very portal can sometimes be met with “submission failed“.

I’ve experienced these myself often, or helped others, and of course all this is VERY frustrating, and Adobe should fix whatever is amiss.

But until then, I can offer solutions that have helped others. The problem seems to stem from cookie issues in my experience, so try either of these 3 options:

  • either clear the cookies you have for the site you are on (which you can do using your browser dev tools, or your browser’s clear cookies feature)
  • or just try a new private/incognito window in your browser
  • or just try visiting the site in question using a different browser (which would not likely have the same cookies as you have now for the site. Indeed perhaps it would have none, if you hadn’t visited the site in that browser before).

I’ve been recommending these options for a couple of years, and they do nearly ALWAYS solve the problem. I appreciate that some readers will think, “all this is obvious”, but if it was, I wouldn’t have had to offer the solution so often. 🙂

Is it annoying that the problem happens all? Sure. Should Adobe fix whatever’s amiss? Sure. Until then, I hope it may be possible that someone googling may find this as an answer to issues with ColdFusion downloads failing, or bugs failing to submit, or any number of other sort of similar problems related to accessing secured sections of Adobe site.

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