December 17, 2020
Online ColdFusion Meetup 2020 year in review
December 17, 2020
Online ColdFusion Meetup 2020 year in review
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Did you know that the Online ColdFusion meetup held 20 meetings in 2020? or that this was our 15th year running, and that we’ve had 278 sessions (all recorded)?

In this post, I list the 20 talks as a recap, with links to the session description and recording. I want to publicly thank both the speakers (and members/attendees) as well as Dan Wilson who was instrumental in helping find and encourage most of the speakers who presented this year.

About the group

The Online CFMeetup is an entirely online CF user group which has been meeting since 2005.

You can join (for free) and/or follow us on:

The talks in 2020

Here are the talks, in reverse chronological order. The number before the topic and date is the running count of the number of sessions we have had. (We traditionally meet on Thursdays, and with the next two weeks being Dec 24 and Dec 31, we’ll startup again in 2021.)

278) Dec 10, 2020 – “Using CommandBox CLI to manage all your servers”, with Brad Wood

277) Dec 3, 2020 – “How to build Progressive Web Apps”, with John Wargo

276) Nov 12, 2020 – “Using Taffy: API Live Coding & Fireside Chat”, with Adam Tuttle

275) Nov 5, 2020 – “Building great user interfaces fast with Kendo UI”, with TJ VanToll

274) Oct 22, 2020 – “CF AMA: Ask Me Anything”, with Charlie Arehart and Dan Wilson

273) Oct 15, 2020 – “Building APIs with ColdFusion, Part 1: Start coding APIs today” w/ Gavin Pickin

272) Sep 24, 2020 – “Isolation is a Good Thing (For Your Local Dev Environments)” with Dan Skaggs

271) Sep 17, 2020 – “Using CF APIs and the JAMStack” with Raymond Camden, Brian Rinaldi & Dan Wilson

270) Sep 10, 2020 – “Differences between ColdFusion Enterprise & Standard: more than you may think”, with Charlie Arehart

269) Aug 27, 2020 – “How to use the ColdFusion API Manager to modernize your App”, with Dan Wilson

268) Aug 20, 2020 – “Public Beta walkthru of ColdFusion Next–Project Stratus”, with Rakshith Naresh

267) Aug 13, 2020 – “PWA’s How Did We Get Here?”, with Simon MacDonald

266) Aug 13, 2020 – “Migrating or comparing CF Admin settings”, with Charlie Arehart

265) Aug 6, 2020 – “I Didn’t Know S3 Could Do That!”, with Brian Klaas

264) Jul 23, 2020 – “Intro to NativeScript”, with Alex Ziskind

263) Jul 16, 2020 – “What Web Developers Can Learn From Native Mobile Developers”, with TJ VanToll

262) Jul 9, 2020 – “Your best options to build modern front-ends with JavaScript”, with Dan Wilson

261) Jun 25, 2020 – “Keeping CF (and Java) updated: challenges and solutions”, with Charlie Arehart

260) Jun 18, 2020 – “How to transform DB tuning into a rewarding effort”, with Josh Patterson

259) Jun 11, 2020 – “Low-Code for the ColdFusion Developer”, with G. Andrew Duthie

Sessions from prior years (2005-2020)

You can easily view the sessions for all past years via our recordings page, where you can the same sort of list per year of titles, links to descriptions, recordings, and more.

You can even search through all the titles of all the previous years of recordings here. (This search page is hosted off-site, via Google, because does not offer such a search feature for these pages.)

Come speak on the meetup

If you would like to present, we’re always open to any presentation that’s at all related to CF (or even Lucee, though as an official Adobe CF user group it’s a topic that can’t become dominant, despite the enthusiasm in its community! Even so, most topics we have apply to both CF and Lucee users.)

You can learn more about speaking (when sessions tend to happen, how long we tend to go, and more) at

Here’s to even more sessions in 2021 and beyond!

For more blog content from Charlie Arehart, see his posts here as well as his posts at And follow him on Twitter and other social media as carehart.

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2020-12-20 20:55:16

And thank you for the kind regards.

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2020-12-20 19:57:19

Thanks for doing these Charlie and even more thanks for recording them.  I am not always able to attend and being able to view after the fact is great.  Also the ability to rewatch to pickup links/ideas said in passing are extremely helpful.

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