August 31, 2020
CF update error on Azure Web App
August 31, 2020
CF update error on Azure Web App
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Hello, CF specialist,

I’m try to use the CF2018 on Azure Web service. Uploading J2EE WAR file war success and admin setup was done. But, CF update cause below error. May I ask your help?

[Repro steps]
1. Make Azure Web Apps environment.
P3v2, Windows code base, Java11 – Tomcast 9.0

2. Install CF2018 as J2EE environment to local PC for getting cfusion.war file.

3. Upload cfusion.war file to #1 environment

4. Open CF admin page on #3 and enter admin password -> setup was finished

5. Open CF admin page and goto update page

6. Download Update 4 as following

7. Download successfully finished and append below environments variables to the #4 web app.

8. kick below command line then, cause error

> java -jar d:homesitewwwrootwebappsROOTWEB-INFcfusionhf-updateshotfix-004-314546.jar



2020-09-29 14:23:44
2020-09-29 14:23:44

M.Koi, have you resolved this? If not, did you consider the questions I asked below? Hearing what you get when you do a “java -version” may be key. Also, what if you look in the CF Admin, at the “java & jvm” page. What is the value of the java home (first field)? If you preface your java command with the path to that, it would ensure you use the same JVM that CF itself is using.

Also, please consider the last paragraph of my previous comment.

I do realize that being a WAR deployment, and that on the Azure web apps infrastructure itself, things are very different than normal (for typical CF deployments), which will make it challenging for you to get much help from others. We should be able to solve this.

2020-09-01 03:34:25
2020-09-01 03:34:25

That error doesn’t seem to be coming from CF, or even Java. I’ve never seen it, in helping with hundreds of such manual cf updates. Are you getting it in some Azure cli? That’s what it seems to be from, if I had to guess. 

Also, what Java are you running? What do you get if you do:

java -version

Also, it’s not clear why you didn’t run the cf update from within the cf admin, after you downloaded it in the admin.

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