March 11, 2020
Multiple upcoming CF webinars, and past recordings as well
March 11, 2020
Multiple upcoming CF webinars, and past recordings as well
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With the recent announcement that Adobe has cancelled the upcoming CF Summit East (in April 2020 in DC), due to virus concerns, folks may wonder where they can otherwise view information like what would be shared at such events.

The very good news is that there are several avenues, including many webinars (to come and recently) from Adobe and others. In this post, I point to a few specific upcoming webinars, and I also point to places where you can watch (or listen) for future ones, and where to view recordings of past ones (and recorded live-streams).

Upcoming Adobe CF Developer Week

First up, related to the cancelled summit in DC, note that Adobe said in their cancellation announcement there that they would be offering a “ColdFusion Developer Week” in the near future, where they hoped to  offer those sessions that had been planned to be offered at the DC Summit. (I will try to offer an update and link for that, when available, either here or in comments below.)

Recordings from CF Summit 2019

Along the same lines, note that the CF Summit East is mostly comprised of repeats of about a dozen sessions from the previous CF Summit in Vegas which Adobe selected (and asked presenters to update). Well, note that you can find recordings of all the sessions (keynotes and other sessions, from Adobe and community members) at the Adobe Youtube playlist for CF Summit 2019.

FWIW, you can also find a playlist for the 2018 CF Summit, and still other groups of Adobe CF recordings at the page of all Youtube playlists for the adobecoldfusion account.

Three upcoming Adobe CF webinars

While we await the Adobe CF Dev Week, note that there are three other upcoming Adobe CF webinars

See the final section below for 3 other upcoming CF-oriented webinars, from community members.

Finding other such Adobe CF webinars in the future

These and other webinars to come in the future should be listed on either of two pages for Adobe CF webinars.

Curiously, at this writing, neither site lists the first upcoming Adobe webinar above, but perhaps that will change soon.

Note that on the Adobe page for recorded webinars, you are still required to “register” but then will be shown a link to view the recording immediately.

Links to past Adobe CF webinars

I mentioned above that the Adobe CF webinar site offered info both future and past webinars. If you want to view previously recorded ones, they are listed at this specific link: Again these include not only sessions offered by Adobe folks, but also community members.

Non-Adobe CF-oriented webinars, recent or upcoming

Finally, while my first goal was to let folks know about upcoming (and recent) Adobe CF webinars, there are of course many OTHER non-Adobe CF-oriented webinars, both upcoming and in the recent past. Here are several such resources, including 3 upcoming (at this writing):

Finally, as one more related set of resources to consider, note that I keep a list of available recorded (or online) CF training materials, as one category of over 170 others in my CF411 site of CF tools and resources. (I also list the pages listing previous webinar recordings above, as among the CF Resource sites category.)

Conclusion, and another way to “keep up”

So there you have it: several webinars coming up and several dozen available recorded sessions: plenty to keep you “stocked” while “sheltering in place” or practicing “social avoidance” during the unfortunate current outbreak.

Again, my main motivation in this post was to mention the upcoming webinars (at this writing at least), in the face of the cancellation of the Adobe CF Summit East in DC in April.  But while I was at it, I wanted to also list how to find other past recordings, and I decided to mention also the several other available resources for upcoming or recorded sessions.

To be clear, I do not plan to keep this list updated as future webinars are announced.  Still, I hope the list of recording resources may continue to benefit folks in the future. And if you feel I have failed to mention something, let me know in the comments.

But I will mention that you can also keep up on news in the CFML community, including such upcoming webinars, on the Modernize Or Die podcast (news edition), hosted by Gavin Pickin and others, and hosted by Ortus Solutions.

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2020-04-29 16:40:32
2020-04-29 16:40:32

As an update, the CF Summit has been supplanted with the CF Developer week. You can register here: And while the page doesn’t indicate that the sessions will be recorded (as I write), it was clarified by Adobe in a reply here that they will record and offer the sessions here on the CF portal, afterward.

Also, note that since I posted this in early March, the “Into the Box 2020” conference is going entirely virtual also. Find more at

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