October 29, 2019
ColdFusion Builder – Dark Mode
October 29, 2019
ColdFusion Builder – Dark Mode
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In Coldfusion Builder (my version is 3.2), there is a built-in option for a “Dark” theme. I happen to prefer “Dark-Mode” themes, especially on my laptop and phones for battery savings and I find it easier on my eyes.

The dark theme can be applied using the following eight-step sequence:

1. Window (from-File-menu) – Choose

2. Preferences (option-at-the-bottom) -Choose

3. General (tree-item) –  Choose

4. Appearance ( sub-tree-item) – Choose

5. Enable theme (option) – Enable

6. Theme: (option) – Select “Dark”

7.  Apply, or Apply-And-Close (Button) – Press

8. Re-start Builder


Another good option is to download and install the “MoonRise UI” theme and follow the install intructions or fine-tune as described on their install page.

In my case, I created “Plugins” sub-folder under “Dropins” sub-folder (of Builder) where I placed the jar file “com.github.eclipseuitheme.moonrise_0.8.9.jar” and re-started the Builder.

This provided the “moonrise” and moonrise (standalone) option under the theme option as per the steps above.

I will post the link for the moonrise install if requested.

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2019-10-29 22:25:30
2019-10-29 22:25:30


Further to this, I struggled seeing my brackets in CFSCRIPT including braces and parenethesis in code.

So, if you proceed to

1. Window (File-Menu) – Choose

2. Preferences (option) and find:

3. ColdFusion (tree-item) – Expand

4. Profiles (sub-tree-item) -Expand

5. Editor (sub-tree-item) – Expand

6. Syntax Coloring (sub-tree-item) – Choose

….A syntax Coloring Pane opens…

7. CFScript (Tree-item)  – Expand

8. Bracket (Sub-tree item) – Choose

…Apply coloring or styles as desired…

9.  Apply or Apply and Close (button) – Press

In the sample I’ve included, I changed the brackets to orange and they stick-out like an sun Orange sun now.

Of course, any decent Edmonton Oilers fan would pick Orange!  So, I’m sure you will too!   Go Oilers Go!  (Orange & Blue all the way)




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