August 16, 2019
CF18 MYSQL8 Windows Server 2019
August 16, 2019
CF18 MYSQL8 Windows Server 2019
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I am setting up a new server Windows 2019, CF18 (standard) MySQL8(community)

I am finding the queries to be extremely slow, 10x slower than CF16 with MySQL5

I have updated the MySQL8 driver

I have used CF datasource type MySQL5 and “Other”. Both work at the same slow performance.

With the java driver updated, is CF18 still using the MySQL5 driver?

Is there a native CF18 driver for MySQL8 available?

I hate the thought of having to maintain MySQL5 when building a new server.

Thanks in advance for you comments and solutions.


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2019-08-19 14:20:21
2019-08-19 14:20:21

Ross, first I suspect your performance problem is NOT about CF, but rather is something else. I have seen such unexpected slowness be due to an anti-virus solution, or perhaps a firewall or other network device, or it could have to do with the mysql configuration.

As for whether Adobe has provided mysql drivers, no, CF has not come with mysql drivers for many years. You are to get them yourself (due to licensing issues).

As for mysql8, no, it’s not formally supported by CF2018 currently. See the support matrix. (And if anyone wonders, there’s no change by way of updates to CF2018, at least as of the latest, update 4. If there were, we’d expect to see it listed in this release notes page, which summarizes the key changes across all the CF2018 updates.)

Finally, you are saying this is a new mysql setup also, right? The problem could be there (in mysql, its server, or its network config). If you really wanted to prove if the problem was 2018 (or not), you could try calling the new mysql from your old cf2016. 

Even if that did work, it could still be about some configuration to support “the old box” that needs to be done for “the new box”. To prove if that’s the issue, you could install CF2016 on the same machine as the new cf2018. But I realize you may not want to go that far. (Then again, with the available Adobe CF Docker images, you could test that pretty easily without impacting your current CF2018, if you are familiar with Docker.)

Let us know if any of the above helps.

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