Adobe ColdFusion Summit East 2019 Full Report

April 11, 2019
Host CF Alive podcast, founder CFUnited, CEO TeraTech
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Adobe ColdFusion Summit East 2019 Full Report

Host CF Alive podcast, founder CFUnited, CEO TeraTech
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April 11, 2019

Adobe ColdFusion Summit East 2019 was awesome!

Pre-Conference Workshops on April 09 Were Very Inspiring!

That’s right. For those of you looking to gain some hands-on experience with our pros, it was a full day pre-conference workshop available on Tuesday, April 9th

Two sessions were held.

  1. Security
    1. Are you concerned with finding and fixing vulnerabilities in your ColdFusion code? Of course, you are! But are you proficient? This hands-on course takes you through different types of security vulnerabilities and how they pertain to CFML. At the end of this course, you should be able to take away the following:
      1. Specific Red Flags to look for in your code
      2. How malicious invaders can exploit these vulnerabilities
      3. What you can do as a CFML developer to avoid this from happening
  1. Modernizing Websites
    1. Are you ready to take your ColdFusion Enterprise to the next level? Attend this session to learn how to utilize the API Manager and ColdFusion in tandem to strengthen your API strategy. You will also learn how to deploy reliable and robust APIs within AWS (Amazon Web Services).

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So, the 2019 conference season kicked off with a great showing!

Speakers, Agenda and Some Quality Time …

Here’s the full list of the speakers, their topics and full agenda of the conference. Please follow this link: Adobe ColdFusion Summit East 2019

While We Wait for the Full Presso and Slides

Yes, those will be available soon as well. For now, here are some more images from the conference…

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