January 18, 2019
pseudo rest parameters with CFML
January 18, 2019
pseudo rest parameters with CFML
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In Javascript there is the rest parameter syntax, which is useful when you have a method which can accept multiple additional arguments. Have a look at the example of MDN to see how it works.


CFML does not support the rest or spread syntax, but I thought I’d have a go at doing an approximation with CFML. It’s a bit clunky and it’s not that clear what arguments the method accepts so I wouldn’t recommend using this approach unless you have to, but it does the job.

function foo(first /* , ...rest*/) {
    var args = structCopy(arguments);
    structDelete(args, "first");
    var rest = args.reduce(function(accumulator, el) {
            return accumulator.append(args[el]);
        }, []);
    return {
        first: first,
        rest: rest

result = foo("apple","bean","carrot","date");

The output from the function is:

function output

Here’s a runnable example:


In case you are wondering, the `/*, …rest*/` in the functions arguments doesn’t actually do anything (it’s a comment), I’ve put it in there so that if someone was to read this code, it would give them a clue as to how to call the function.

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