New Administrator UI in ColdFusion

With the ColdFusion 2018 release, we have provided a refreshed ColdFusion Administrator console. As the old ColdFusion Administrator console had not been changed in a long time, we felt it was only right to put a modern spin on the User Interface as well as add a couple of exciting new features.

Home Screen

The new ColdFusion Administrator sees the introduction of a new home screen. The home screen shows the main categories of settings as tiles. Clicking on a tile will take you to the first page within that category.


A cleaner interface

The biggest change in the ColdFusion Administrator is the haul on the interface. The entire interface has been made cleaner and more organized. Setting groups are now arranged in grids to make the viewability easier on the eyes.

Settings page


The 2018 release of ColdFusion also bundles a very useful search functionality in the Administrator console. Searching for a string will provide a list of pages on which that string occurs. Clicking on a search result will take you to the page with the searched string highlighted in yellow.


ColdFusion Community

Lastly, the ColdFusion Administrator console provides a direct link to the ColdFusion Community page from the header component so it’s convenient and just a click away.

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