Monitoring ColdFusion Servers

Monitoring ColdFusion Servers

Performance Monitoring Toolset  provides end to end monitoring and displays actionable metrics for CF Servers.
It captures several metrics and these metrics are presented in different views,charts and time-series graphs.

We will look at  some frequently used metrics which will be used in day to day monitoring of CF Servers.
I would like to emphasize on the concept of Global Filter in Performance Monitoring Toolset, as it is the one which decides how metrics will be aggregated and which aggregated metrics makes more sense. Global Filter is all about how CF servers are deployed. Below screenshot shows highlighted global filter

PMT provides three types of Global Filter:

  1. Cluster: CF Servers are deployed as CF Cluster
  2. Group : Logical grouping of Standalone CF Servers.
  3. Standalone CF Server


User can switch to any Global Filter present in Performance Monitoring Toolset, and all metrics will be displayed from that perspective.
For Example, if there are two CF Clusters (named cfcluster1 and cfcluster2) being monitored by Performance Monitoring Toolset, then user can select one of these clusters at a time and Performance Monitoring Toolset will display metrics as per that cluster.

To get a high level overview of CF Server deployment, Topology feature can be used as landing page and user can navigate from there to any component of interest for further analysis. Please refer to  Topology: Bird’s eye view of ColdFusion Deployment  blog for more details.

Alert and Notification feature is very useful as it does not even ask you to login into Performance Monitoring Toolset and keep providing updates related to CF Server through email and Slack channel. Please refer to this blog for more details: Alerts and Notification

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