July 12, 2018
Performance Monitoring Toolset- Incoming Services
July 12, 2018
Performance Monitoring Toolset- Incoming Services
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Monitoring Incoming services

In Performance Monitoring Toolset, we have dedicated a section for monitoring incoming services to ColdFusion. There are three types of services- REST, SOAP, and RPC.

Any webservice or RPC call hitting a ColdFusion node or cluster will appear in this section and their metrics will be available.

Charts for all incoming services-

  • Average Response Time – Average Response Time for all the REST/SOAP/RPC calls is calculated and displayed separately for all 3 kinds of services in timeseries graph for the timeperiod selected by the user.
  • Top Slow URL’s– List of slowest distinct urls for each of the 3 categories is shown for the time period you have selected.
  • HTTP Method Distribution – Pie chart containing the HTTP Methods like GET/POST/DELETE being used for services.

 For example, let’s say you have registered a REST service named RestTest and written this code:

<cfcomponent rest="true" restpath="restService">
<cffunction name="sayHello" access="remote" returntype="String" httpmethod="GET">
<cfset rest = "Hello World">
<cfreturn rest>
Executing the above code will actually result in one execution of REST service RestTest and it will appear in incoming services under REST section. The ART in time-series along with other metrics will be available. Clicking at any point in timeseries graph, just like any other page, gives you the list of URLs hit at that point in time. From there you can choose any of the slowest 5 executions for the same url. Clicking on execution takes you to URL detail page.

The URL detail page will show you the functions/tags used for the request. There you will see your method sayHello appearing alongwith hit count and time taken along with other relevant metrics for the request.

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