Did you know the Adobe Immerse ’18 online conference (next week) will have 16 CF sessions?

Hey, did you know that the Adobe Immerse ’18 online conference next week will have 16 CF sessions? For more, including the topic titles/descriptions and presenters, see my blog entry just posted.

There will be sessions on CF2018 and also on topics relevant to those on older versions (and about 75 other non-CF sessions on other Adobe enterprise products).

The sessions will all be recorded, available exclusively to those who register (only $75) for the next year (when they will be made public just before next year’s event.) The topics look to be worth the $75 for most folks, I’d think.

Check out my blog post for more, to help you decide.

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  1. Great news:there is a discount code to bring the cost down to just US$15! Se my blog post for that.

    (I’m reluctant to edit this post, because doing so makes blog posts here disappear until such a change is approved. That’s too risky with the event being this week.)

    • Hi Charlie,

      Regarding “until such a change is approved”:

      I think that’s b/c this site’s categories are label-driven. Ex: let’s say I create a FAQ entry, but give it a “blog” label – it could end up under FAQ and Blog 🙂 So, to prevent that, I think they approve all posts so that they can prevent ‘incorrect’ labels.

      Just a hunch.


  2. Hi Adobe,

    Just noting that I’m surprised you haven’t blogged about Immerse’s CF sessions. Could you please? And then please post links to that post in Twitter, on FB, on LinkedIn and in Slack?

    This is big/cool news! Let’s hype it up!


    P.S. Thanks very much, Charlie, for blogging this! I’m not trying to detract from your post at all!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Charlie. I had no idea about Immerse ’18 and was thrilled to see that there was actually a conference (other than a CF-Specific one) that has ColdFusion sessions. I just signed up to watch the Immerse ’18 videos online.

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