June 21, 2018
ColdFusion Summit 2018 – Pre-Conference Sessions
June 21, 2018
ColdFusion Summit 2018 – Pre-Conference Sessions

ColdFusion Summit 2018 would be held at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada from Oct 1st – 3rd. The Pre-Conference Sessions would be held on Oct 1st followed by the Full Conference on Oct 2nd and 3rd. Register Now to take advantage of the Early bird offer.

All the workshops are full day BYOD hands on labs and would be a great learning opportunity. Below is a summary of the workshops:

Pre-conference Session 1: Troubleshooting Common CF Challenges

In this daylong session, veteran CF Troubleshooter Charlie Arehart will guide you through understanding and resolving several of the most common problems that befall nearly all ColdFusion shops at some point, whatever version you may be running (2018, 2016, 11, or earlier).

Besides learning the problems, their causes, and solutions, we will review as well key diagnostic mechanisms that are either built-in or easily made available. Most important, we’ll see how to connect what the diagnostics report to the real underlying cause of problems.

Among the problems we’ll address are :

  • High CPU use in ColdFusion
  • High memory use
  • Long-running or hung requests
  • Long-running Jdbc transactions
  • ColdFusion crashing
  • Problems updating CF
  • Problems updating the JVM
  • Problems tuning the web connector
  • And more
Among the diagnostic tools we’ll introduce along the way will be:
  • ColdFusion logs
  • CF metrics logging
  • Windows perfmon metrics
  • CF enterprise server monitor (CF 8-2016)
  • CF Performance Monitoring Tool (CF 2018)
  • FusionReactor
  • SeeFusion
  • JVM tools
  • Other Java      monitoring/APM tools
  • Server monitoring tools
  • Database monitoring      tools
Students wishing to follow along with demonstrations must bring a laptop. Trial editions of the software to be used (including ColdFusion) will be provided in advance or at the event (for windows and Linux). We hope to be able to offer the option of a pre-configured VM with key programs pre-installed.
Pre-conference Session 2: Hands on ColdFusion Security Workshop
Bring your laptop and get your hands dirty learning how to find and fix security vulnerabilities in your ColdFusion codebases. In this full day session you will learn about several classes of web application security vulnerabilities and how they pertain to CFML. Using a vulnerable CFML web application prebuilt for training, you will learn what red flags to look for in the code. Next you will see first hand how attackers may exploit the vulnerabilities. Finally you’ll learn techniques for improving the security of your CFML code. Students wishing to follow along with demonstrations must bring a laptop.
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