Docker images for ColdFusion

At the CFSummit East last month we announced the availability of Docker images for ColdFusion from Adobe. They are available on bintray and here is the direct URL to access the images:

In that list of images you will also find API Manager, API Manager addons along with the image for ColdFusion server. Do give these images a try and let us know your feedback.

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  1. It would be really helpful to have the CF2018 beta as a container.

    It was also mentioned in a previous thread that an example apache container integrating the connector to CF would be very helpful.

    Oh and MUCH more flexibility in the configuration / environment variables for JVM memory, DSN, secure profiles, specific CF settings etc. etc.

    • Doug, if you want to use a containerized version of the 2018 beta, you can do so right now using the Ortus Docker images. They are powered by CommandBox, and therefore can start any CF engine/version and also come with CFConfig to manage all your config settings without needing to touch the admin UI and add-in modules like FusionReactor. You are free to wait for Adobe to come out with official images of course, but in the mean time this might give you something to play with.

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