March 13, 2018
Which CF conferences will you be attending this year?
March 13, 2018
Which CF conferences will you be attending this year?
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The year 2017 was very “generous” with conferences about ColdFusion. If we take a look how many of them were, plus webinars and other online resources, we can say it’s the best so far. And to think that a year or two back, people were asking “is ColdFusion dead?

Muracon 2017
Adobe ColdFusion Government Summit
IntoTheBox 2017 ColdFusion Conference
cf.Objective 2017
CFCamp 2017
Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2017
ColdFusion webinars
Confirmed conferences for 2018

Confirmed conferences for 2018

So far the confirmed ColdFusion conferences are:

  • Muracon 2018 April 5-6, 2018, the official website for all the info and early bird specials is here

CF Summit East 2018

ColdFusion Summit East 2018, in Washington, Wednesday, April 25, 2018. This is the 3rd time it’s being organized. It started in the second year of CF Summit in Las Vegas and it’s primarily for people who can’t travel to West coast. They’re expecting 200 people, with 160 registrations already.

It will offer:

  • New features in CF
  • Direction of CF
  • Roadmap through 2025

You can listen more about the CF Summit East from Kishore Balakrishnan here

Into The Box 2018

IntoTheBox 2018, in Texas, Wednesday, April 25 – Friday April 27

Gavin Pickin will be talking about ColdBox from Zero to Hero

Choose from 25+ Diverse Sessions on April 26-27

  1. cbElasticSearch
  2. Building Progressive Web Apps
  3. Thinking modularly
  4. Using for Docker Container Management
  5. CBT – ColdBox Templating Language
  6. Step into serverless with AWS + CFMl
  7. QB
  8. Oh my GAD (General Anxiety Disorder)
  9. WireBox Basics
  10. GET /cfml
  11. Alexa and ColdBox APIs
  12. CFML Features for modern coding
  13. ColdBox HMVC 5
  14. Intro to Unit Testing, BDD and Mocking using TestBox & MockBox
  15. Integrating MVC into legacy
  16. Automate your tests
  17. CommandBox Migrations
  18. Testing for fun on production!
  19. CI with CFML Deep Dive
  20. The Big Entrepreneurial Adventure
  21. ContentBox + Docker
  22. Postman API with ColdBox, cbSwagger, cbSwagger-UI
  23. Take your CF apps from local dev to production with CommandBox and CFConfig and Docker
  24. Connecting Vue.js and CFML with ColdBox
  25. Before You Code: Discovery and Design
  26. Assert Control Over Your Legacy Applications with TestBox
  27. Please remember that space is limited and seats do go fast, so get your seats reserved today!


cfObjective 2018

“cf.Objective() is on hiatus this year…”

Yes, it’s true. We can expect it to return in 2019. Until then, we will be looking forward to it.

NCDevCon 2018

We still don’t have confirmed dates but we’re hearing rumors already.

CFCamp 2018

We’ve heard from Michi (Michael Hnat, the organizer) that the dates and location of the conference will be announced soon.

CF rocks!


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CFSummit in the Fall

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