ColdFusion documentation has a new home

ColdFusion documentation has had an interesting journey over the last few years. From a wiki-based approach to an Adobe-unified approach, the docs have come a long way and are ever evolving. Today, we have launched a unified and one-stop destination for all things docs.

We have revamped the docs site and made it more centralized. Visit the new and improved ColdFusion User Guide ( The new layout is user-friendly and makes navigation easier.

We have divided the docs into three main categories with unique user guides:

ColdFusion User Guide

CFML Reference

Application Development User Guide


We have also updated the ColdFusion support hub to bind these pages together.

In a few days, the old ColdFusion home will cease to exist and all requests to it shall land on the ColdFusion support hub.

That said, this is a beginning of a wonderful journey where we along with the community try to bring back the glory days of ColdFusion. Needless to say, without the help of the community, such an endeavor wouldn’t have been possible.

Please provide your feedback on this and how we can improve the overall experience.

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  1. ColdFusion documentation has been VERY POORLY WRITTEN since the launch of ColdFusion 10. A lot of code examples failed to demonstrate the core idea of CF tags/functions. From the way the examples were written, I can see that the author has no ColdFusion programming experience at all. 🙁

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