Coldfusion 2016 Websocket only responding locally

We have a websocket setup on an internal network 192.16.1.x IP addresses.  The server is running CF 2016 Updated to the latest patch as of this post.  We have a controller/publisher that was being run from an iPad and listeners/subscriber computers.  A user clicks through the site on the iPad and the displays update.  This worked until a week ago.

Attempting to run Chrome on the server and open the controller URL using the URL (using ColdFusion’s internal web server for simplicity) never updates the displays.  If I call the same URL changing to the local IP, then all of the displays/subscribers get their updates.

I opened several Chrome browsers on the server itself pointing one to the controller and the others to the same URLs as the displays would use, i.e.,,

Calling the servers IP address will not update any subscribers.  No failure messages logged.  If I hit, it will update all of the displays and even the Chrome browser windows I have open on the same server.

Running on Windows 2012R2, firewall is disabled.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

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