CreativeQ – Creative Workflow Management Software


Enter CreativeQ. Efficiently track projects from your creative brief to approval. Require your sales team to answer the questions your creative team needs answered before they get their juices flowing. Keep the creative brief, project notes, and files in one collaborative space, archived for easy recall at any time. Stop the creative spiral with escalated notifications at project trigger points. CreativeQ is built for managing the creative process. It is easily customized to fit your workflow, without the unwanted feature bloat.

Find the answers you need in one or two clicks. Reporting and analytics help identify where your organization is excelling and where team members can improve.

CreativeQ, built on the Q-Flow platform, is the culmination of 20+ years of ColdFusion development and creative industry experience. It is built with ColdFusion 2016 and runs on any device. We offer many custom workflow solutions to fit your particular industry needs.

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