How to install ColdFusion updates manually

Sometimes, CF administrator UI update installation could fail due to permissions, lockdown guide, network restrictions etc.

You can follow below instructions to apply updates manually.

  1. Navigate to (use Google chrome to view xml in the browser)
  1. Look for required update under <cfhf_downloadlink> tag. It would be listed as
  1. Download the hotfix-0XX-XXXXX.jar and place it under ColdFusion20XX/jre/bin
  1. Open the command prompt as administrator and navigate to ColdFusion20XX/jre/bin
  1. Run the below command:

          Java -jar hotfix-0XX-XXXXX.jar

  1. Follow the onscreen instructions to apply the update.

2 Responses

  1. Good to have this guide as i hunt it down after every update. I have one server that updates fine through the link in the administrator and another server that never works and I always have to do manually. I’ve traced it down to a permission issue that I just can’t get around on that one server for some reason so always do the manual install there.

    I’d also recommend this page by Charlie Arehart page if someone is having issues with updates:

  2. Something people should beware about this: I find that often when running the command-line update installer, it will start CF as a process based on the user who is logged in and running the updater, rather than running it as a service (under which that service may be defined to run as the system account on Windows, root on Linux, or perhaps some other user).

    If you do run the update manually, you may want to check and see if there is a service running CF before you proceed, and if so, make sure that it’s running it after the update. If it is not, you should probably terminate the CF process that the updater has started, and then start it as a service as it had been running before.

    I have a blog post where I discuss this and other things about some common challenges in applying update (including the importance of checking the update log, to confirm there are no errors, whether you have applied the udpate automatically or manually as above). See

    There are still other resources with information about applying CF updates. See another blog post I did recently, here in the portal:

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