Framework Migration

We have over 5 million lines of code in a custom MVC framework that powers over 200 sites worldwide.  This framework has been very successful and easy to develop in.  But we are realizing that we need to make some changes.  As we interview and hire new engineers we are also seeing that they are familiar with more standard frameworks like ColdBox.  

We are going to migrate to ColdBox over the next year.  This will allow us to be on an industry standard framework that many engineers are familiar with.  This also will allow us to implement more OOP concepts and help us with our API/Microservice initiatives, as well as, CI/CD concepts.

Our plan is to create a repo in GIT that contains only the ColdBox framework.  We will then work on migration plan to move our sites and applications over to ColdBox and put them in independent repo’s.  We have a lot of technical debt in our code base.  We have years of code and some of it is no longer needed.  As we migrate, we plan on removing all code that is no longer needed.  This will decrease our code base and also reduce our time when we are troubleshooting issues.

This migration will probably take at least a year, but we are currently in the planning phases.  We are looking at our SDLC and development processes first.  We need to make sure that our Systems team, Release team, QA team, and engineers are all factored into our decision making process.  After that we will look at the technical pieces to this migration.  


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