Did you know that ColdFusion Builder 2016 is included with your purchase CF 2016?

I see people asking this occasionally, so it bears pointing out here in the portal: ColdFusion Builder 2016 is included with your purchase CF 2016. Let me quote one of the questions and answers from Adobe’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for ColdFusion Builder 2016:

Is ColdFusion Builder 2016 included with Adobe ColdFusion 2016?

Yes. ColdFusion Builder 2016 is included with both Adobe ColdFusion 2016 Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition. You get three licenses of ColdFusion Builder 2016 with Adobe ColdFusion 2016 Enterprise Edition, and one license with Adobe ColdFusion 2016 Standard Edition.

You can also purchase ColdFusion Builder 2016 separately.

I’ll add, as well, that those in education can also get a free license to ColdFusion Builder. See the several questions and answers in the FAQ starting at “Free ColdFusion Builder 2016 for education”.

There is also an entirely free edition of CFBuilder, the Express edition (which lacks several key features but is still valuable for many). I’ll share more about that in a separate post.

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