July 26, 2018
CONTENS Social Workplace
July 26, 2018
CONTENS Social Workplace
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The CONTENS (www.contens.de) social workplace is the modern intranet for a fast and up-to-date exchange of information in the company. Thanks to Newsfeed, Forum, Groups, Integrated News and individual profile, the Social Workplace can be easily adapted to the needs of companies.



The newsfeed is the continuous information stream, keeping the employees up to date. In addition to posts with photos and downloads, also status changes and content from other applications can be integrated. It can be configured, who can publish content and whether posts can be commented.



Profiles are the basis for the search for employees in the company. The profile structure can be easily adapted to individual project requirements. Thus, company-relevant information can be mapped, e.g. specific project experience, regional knowledge, languages and much more. Extensive search and filter options complete the profile pages.



In the open forum, employees exchange ideas on specific topics and provide mutual assistance to professional questions. The newsfeed informs about new topics and updates in the forum.



Groups can be created as open and closed areas. They are used for project-related collaboration and exchange of information. In addition to an newsfeed, groups include a forum, a media area for sharing files, and a member overview.


Media assets

Especially for project-related cooperation and the exchange of information and documents groups are very practical. All the documents provided by the members of a group can be found in a clear tile layout. A central media area is much more useful than sending documents by mail.



One of the most valuable functions in a social workplace is the list of employees. It provides quick access to the profiles and contact details of the employees. In the Social Workplace, the profiles can be filtered and sorted according to different criteria.




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