Iconography suggestion

Hi Adobe,

IMO, the “Interested in API Manager in ColdFusion 2106?” icon should match the “Request For Information” icon. Both links directly solicit information from the user, thus the current pencil/paper icon is appropriate for both, IMO. (I’m referring to the links near Portal’s top-right)


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  1. On this issue too, I feel the icons are too large. They push the categories too far down the page, which hides them if the window is not tall enough.
    I would recommend making them no taller than the equivalent of two text lines.

    • Hi Eddie,

      I completely agree. Those icons could be reduced by 50%. IMO, the horizontal line above “Categories” should be about where the horizontal line between “Solution Partners” and “Third Party Solutions” currently is.

      Also, Adobe, the “RSS FEED” and “COMMENTS FEED” headings (the ones to the right of the orange RSS icons) incorrectly link to the Portal’s home page. Those links should be updated to match their respective links under “FEED LINKS”.


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