Did you know the ColdFusion Archives (CAR) feature is now in Standard as well as Enterprise?

Are you still manually copying CF Admin settings from one instance to another? There may be a much better way available to you,  especially with a change introduced in CF 11.

CAR feature

Did you know that the ColdFusion Archives (or CAR) mechanism is now available in ColdFusion Standard as well as Enterprise. Prior to CF 11, it was only in Enterprise (or the trial or Developer editions).

The CAR mechanism is a very useful feature in the ColdFusion Administrator which lets you easily save any or all CF admin settings from one CF instance into a single file (having a file extension of .car), then you can copy that CAR file to another server to import it into another instance. The new instance can even be a different version of ColdFusion (such as CF 2016). The imported settings are merged with any current admin settings.

For more information on using the CAR mechanism, see the ColdFusion documentation on the subject. For still more information on this change in CF11 and about the CAR mechanism in general, see my blog post on the topic from the CF11 timeframe.

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