ColdFusion Builder 2016 Fails to Launch

Have you ever experienced ColdFusion Builder crash on launch itself?

In this scenario, when you try to launch ColdFusion Builder, here’s not response from Builder. This occurs due to corrupted workspace files.

To fix this issue, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to “C:Users{useraccount}” and rename the “ColdFusion Builder 2016 workspace”.
    We recommend that you take a backup of the workspace as it would have existing settings for projects which might be required for reference later onwards.
  2. Launch command prompt as “Run as Administrator” and navigate to the path “C:AdobeColdFusionBuilder2016” (assuming you have installed it on C: drive) and type the command:
    CFBuilder.exe -clean
  3. Relaunch ColdFusion Builder 2016.ColdFusion Builder launches successfully with a fresh workspace.

NOTE: In case your Builder takes a long time to load, install the latest update and relaunch Builder.

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