Public facing product roadmap for ColdFusion

The updated public facing roadmap is now available on the ColdFusion product page on Go to, under the Datasheets and Whitepapers you will find the link for the product roadmap. Here is the direct link for the roadmap.

One of the points in the roadmap that needs a mention is the long term commitment that Adobe has for ColdFusion as a product. The version that Adobe is working on right now, ColdFusion Aether, will have extended support till 2025.

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  1. Glad to see this posted. I had someone asking me about the status of any recent CF roadmap just the other day.

    That said, for those who may look at it and think its rather paltry (only 3 pages, and only a couple of points about the next 2 releases), do note that Adobe has been doing hour-long talks at recent conferences (and will at coming ones) where they go into more depth on what’s coming in CF2018 (code name, “aether”).

    Indeed, the first session of the Adobe CF DevWeek was on “The now and next of Adobe ColdFusion”, and you can get access to all the recordings here:

    Finally, for those who really want to dig deep into CF2018 before its release, note that you can register to be considered for the coming prerelease, here:

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