ColdFusion 2016 : Support for Windows Server 2016

We have updated the Windows 64-bit installer for ColdFusion 2016, to support Microsoft Windows Server 2016. The Add-on services installer and the .NET service installer for ColdFusion 2016 have also been refreshed.
You can access the server installer by clicking on the "free trial" or the "buy now" link in the ColdFusion product page at You may download the aforementioned additional installers at the ColdFusion support page

The ColdFusion 2016 support matrix would be updated soon to reflect the support for the new platform.

The refreshed installer comes with the Update 3 baked-in. After installing the server, you may bring it up to the current update level, by installing Update 4. You can follow the instructions at this technote to download and install Update 4. If you need any help with installing ColdFusion server you may refer the installation instructions at this technote.

The installers for ColdFusion Builder 2016 and ColdFusion API Manager would soon be refreshed to support Windows Server 2016.

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  1. Anton,
    As noted in the post, refreshing the Builder installer is due. I don’t have a date yet, but it should be sometime in the current month.

    Updates are cumulative, so you would only need to apply the latest to apply them all.

  2. HariKrishna Kallae,

    Here is a link to one that has not be updated:

    This link can be found at the bottom of as “ColdFusion Support Matrix”.

    I also see it missing from the text at and

    By the way, the one you linked seems to have an issue where the first two tables are missing the line at the top that states “Standard” and “Enterprise”.

  3. Kama,

    Thanks for pointing it, we will get this updated.
    Regarding the issue of Standard and Enterprise not shown in the columns, doc team is working on it and would fix it in a couple of days.

  4. Charlie, the answer is simple. It is convenient to me to develop, learn, and run both CF2016 and CFBuilder2016 on Win2k16 because it has a real IIS webserver within with all the true server tools and environment on board. Yes, a kind of desktop-like true Windows Server without emotional or novice user stuff. I love server edition a lot and use this branch for many years on a daily basis.

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