ColdFusion 10 “Core Support” ends in May 2017

I made a post last week regarding this and now would like to pass this on to wider audience, as well.

The “Core Support” for ColdFusion 10 ends on May 16, 2017. That means, no more Security patches/updates by Adobe for this version of ColdFusion after mid of May 2017. The detailed timelines are mentioned here in the EOL Matrix.

What is Core Support then? Core support is the time frame wherein the product and the support programs are available. This provides, five years of product support from the general availability date of a product.

General availability  is the date when the product and the support programs are announced and available for purchase.

Extended support provides an additional two years of Platinum Maintenance and Support services after the end of Core Support. Extended Maintenance and Support provides the extra time you may need, to plan your migration to Adobe’s latest technology. Here is the source.

So, if you are on version 10 or prior then, its the correct time for you to upgrade. This will ensure your eligibility of getting Security updates and patches timely from Adobe, for the supported versions of ColdFusion, as and when released.

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  1. How many built-in functions (BIF) have been updated in CF2016 only? I recently encountered a isvalid(“url”) validation bug regarding a Microsoft OneDrive URL that is broken in CF10 & 11, but works in CF2016. I’m betting there have been lost of many tweaks to BIFs in “ColdFusion 2016 Only”. I’m wondering what they are, since the bugfixes don’t seem to be documented anywhere, and whether these simple “necessary” updates will find their way into CF10 before “core support” ends.

    For more info regarding my recent example, check out:

    Also, what’s the official reason these updates weren’t already backported to CF10 & 11? (Please don’t use the word “legacy” in the response.)

  2. Another Built-In Function (BIF) that has been updated in CF2016 & CF11, but ignored in CF10 is isValid(“integer”, “$45000”).

    Why hasn’t this BIF bug been fixed in CF10 already? (Don’t say “legacy”.)

    How difficult is it to update this in CF10 before Core Support ends? This bug (and others) should be fixed and not serve as a forced reason to upgrade to a newer version of CF.

    Also, many open source projects provide a suite of tests for all of their functions to prove to their developers that they perform “as expected”. Is there any such unit test results for CF BIFs? If not, why?

  3. It’s been over a week since I posted. Is anyone at Adobe able to publicly respond? I would think that full access to the source code would enable your team to identify functions that have changed and could be updated in CF10 & 11… or you could at least provide a standard boilerplate “we’re looking into it” response?

  4. The should all work the same and return the same results. If changes were made, there shouldn’t be any reason that they shouldn’t have already been identified and rolled-back.

    Again, the ability for CF10/11 to not identify a valid Microsoft OneDrive URL is unsettling when this bug has already been identified & fixed in CF2016 (especially when CF10 EOL is approaching and this bugfix will be marketed in the future as a reason to upgrade.)

    For a isValid(“URL”) unit test, you can use the URLs identified here. The Regex that is provided appears to be superior to whatever is currently being used.

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