ColdFusion 2016 installer refreshed.

The server and express installers for Adobe ColdFusion (release 2016) have been refreshed. The installers are available for download at the ColdFusion product page at The new installer includes the following changes:

  • The API Manager installer is decoupled from the ColdFusion Server installer.
  • The new API Manager installer incorporates certain new features such as multi-tenancy, enhanced security, configurable policies, a dedicated update mechanism and support for Redis cluster and request/response compression. For a detailed description of these new features follow the links embedded in this technote. The API Manager installer would be made available very soon. We will update this post to share the location where the installer would be hosted.
  • The ColdFusion installer incorporates ColdFusion 2016 Update 3 and updates JDK to version 1.8.0_112. For details on the changes that went out with Update 3 refer the Update 3 Release Notes document. The build number for this installation should be 2016,00,03,301771.
  • The features listed below have been retired from the product and no longer ship with ColdFusion. For a detailed overview of the affected areas, refer the "Portlets" and "YUI and Spry" sections of the coldfusion-deprecated-features technote. In case you need to use any of these libraries you can download them from locations mentioned below.
    • Portlets. download (md5 checksum : 93273a7b4ab8c650e5fa9cece518e099);
    • YUI. download (md5 checksum : 827e0f8395d176ac28f46ed5e78004fd);
    • Spry. download (md5 checksum : 750c275c20b291f00c1ba92c855a09d7).

 To integrate the downloaded library, follow the instructions below:

  1. Stop ColdFusion sever.
  2. Download the libraries from the links mentioned above.
  3. Extract the downloaded files to the following locations:
    • Extract file to <cf_root>/cfusion directory. Update the web.xml file at <CF_HOME>/cfusion/wwwroot/WEB-INF to re-introduce the mappings mentioned in the "Portlets" section of this technote.
    • Extract and to ColdFusion's webroot at <cf_root>/cfusion. If your scripts directory is mapped to a non-default location (setting at CF admin > Settings > Default ScriptSrc Directory), unpack the zipped package manually and place it in the custom location following the structure in the package.
  4. Restart ColdFusion server.

If you are restoring just the YUI or Spry libraries, restarting the ColdFusion server is not required.


20 Dec, 2016 –  added the web.xml mappings step in restoring portlets instruction. added reference to coldfusion-deprecated-features article.



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  1. Charlie,
    We don’t yet have support for Win Server 2016. We are still working on sorting out some issues with using that platform. And, I’m afraid I don’t have a timeline for the support for now.

    Your views and suggestions are always appreciated. We’ll look forward to some feedback from you on that and the other new features.

  2. You show how to add Portlets/Spry/YUI to a new installation from the fresh installer but what’s the proper process to go about removing these from a CF 2016 Gold installation that’s been patched to CHF3?

  3. I’m pleased the API Manager has been removed but disappointed that Win 2016 still isn’t supported. I’m holding off buying new CF licences until it’s supported, but if we have to deploy onto 2012 then we will be stuck with 2012 for 5 years. Will you announce 2016 support in this blog as soon as it’s available? Thanks.

  4. Leith,
    We do not recommend removing Portlets manually from CF 2016 installation that is patched to CHF3 because we have jar dependency which can break the sever.
    As for the YUI/Spry libraries, you may simply remove the js/css/image files from your CF webroot, that correspond to the files in the YUI/Spry package available for download in this post.

  5. A post in the Adobe forums says the issue with Windows Server 2016 installation is with a known bug in the Flexera installer, not with CF itself. If the CF product team download the latest version of Flexera and update the CF install package it should work.

  6. That’s nice that there are threads and blog posts about the Windows Server 2016 issue, but I have been unable to find the issue at I’m not familiar with how the ColdFusion community normally handles these things, but this seems strange to me and irresponsible of both parties to not place known issues there. However, since it is not even selectable under System I’m not even sure how you appropriately could represent it.

  7. I’ve just installed Update 3, and it’s showing as build 2016.0.03.300466.

    This matches the note at the top of :


    If you are using API Manager and are on ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 3 build 300357, we recommend that you uninstall this build, rollback till ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 1 build 2016,0,01,298513 , and then apply Update 3 build 2016,0,03,300466.”

    But it’s in direct conflict with the note at the bottom of the page:
    “After applying this update, the ColdFusion build number should be 2016,0,03,301771.”

    We went from Update 1 to Update 3 directly, on a test server.

    Update level shows: “Update Level I:/CF2016/cfusion/lib/updates/chf20160003.jar”

    Which should it be? 301771 or 300466?

    Additionally, the “download and install” option for updates never works for us. I’ve posted about this before but have never received any actual support about it. We’ve installed CF into a separate partition (I:) instead of the default (C:), according to the security lockdown guide. (We also have L: for logs and W: for the actual website .)

    The installation directory has write permissions for everyone and I can’t find any log about the actual “download and install” process. I always end up having to stop the services, perform the update manually (stop server, java -jar update.jar, upgrade connector, start server, verify update level & build number).


  8. Yes, 300466 is from applying the update myself. Downloading the update from the update page also lists that version number. I’m not sure why there’s a discrepancy.

    The log includes these lines:

    Moving files failed:
    Status: FATAL ERROR
    Additional Notes: FATAL ERROR – Could not move the file I:CF2016cfusionlibupdateschf20160001.jar to the backup location I:CF2016cfusionhf-updateshf-2016-00003-300466backuplibupdateschf20160001.jar

    Moving files failed:
    Status: FATAL ERROR
    Additional Notes: FATAL ERROR – Could not move the file I:CF2016cfusion/lib/xmpcoreold.jar to the backup location I:CF2016cfusionhf-updateshf-2016-00003-300466backup/lib/xmpcoreold.jar

    Failed to delete directory
    Status: ERROR
    Additional Notes: ERROR – Failed to delete directory:I:CF2016cfusion/lib/xmpcoreold.jar
    ERROR – Unable to delete file: I:CF2016cfusionlibxmpcoreold.jar

    CF should have full access to I:, but I hadn’t considered the files being locked and the service not stopping in time. I can watch for this the next time I have to update. But if the solution is to stop the services manually, I may as well update manually as well.


  9. Has anyone actually tried placing the YUI and Spry libraries back w/in scripts for CF2016 to allow cftree to continue to function? I did and it does not work. Cftree does not work anymore with or without these libraries.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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