RIA-Fiasco Resolved

Many of you are wondering what happened to RIA Forge, and what the plans are to ensure that content is available to the community.

We're sorry for the lapse that has happened, and we're still working to fix it.  Unfortunately it will still take a couple of weeks more for this process because of the way things happened with the domain.  However, we do plan on migrating the content to an alternate site soon so we'll update as that comes online.

Additionally, future plans are to make the content available on GitHub.  Some of the content is already there, but this will take some time as we contact authors and have the content migrated.  

*** Update, riaforge.org is back up and running now ***

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.  We're still planning on transfering the content to GitHub soon.

Also, a big thank you to Charlie Arehart for your help behind the scenes! 

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  1. Yes I am sure about that, current domain status is PendingRenewalDeletetion, see the link below.


    After today, the domain will enter an auction at NameJet. NameJet is used to auction off all of Network Solution’s expired domains. The domain can still be renewed, it is not lost, but it may cost an extra $100 or so.

  2. If interested in keeping the domain, you’d be surprised what a phone call to Network Solutions can accomplish if unable to get the correct login information in time. I think it would be in the best interest to keep the domain if at all possible. If it goes to auction, the winner will just be trying to profit off of the ColdFusion community’s past work by utilizing all the backlinks to the domain with bad content and spam advertising.

    Interesting, according to whoisology (a service that allows you to view historical whois data), the domain was in Ben Forta’s control earlier this month.


    Hope this helps.

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