Adobe ColdFusion survey – 2016

This post is to announce a new survey titled the Adobe ColdFusion survey – 2016. I request you to take time to provide your valuable feedback via the survey.

The results of the survey will help us validate certain hypothesis we have to build the future versions of the product. We are already in the process of planning for the next version of ColdFusion, codenamed Aether.

Here is the survey link again. Part of the survey result will also be presented at Adobe ColdFusion Summit this year. Thank you for your time.


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  1. Hi Rakshith,

    Thank you for creating this survey. I’ve just submitted it. Keep CF Rocking!!!! I’ll be catching-up on tickets very soon – I’m a bit behind, sry. And I totally look forward to Aether =D


  2. One note on the survey: Question 28 is required “Rank the following based on high to least important for an upgrade to a newer version of ColdFusion from an existing version”. What if some or all of the 4 items listed have no bearing on whether we upgrade or not? In other words, what if we are perfectly happy with the current state of one or more? I suggest make it optional, as you are likely to get results that are less useful than if the question was optional.

  3. @Aaron: Thanks for the all the support you continue to offer us. I look forward to seeing you at CFSummit. I just sent you a note about it as well.

    @Mark: Thanks. A valid remark. I have now corrected the survey.

  4. I was disappointed that the survey did not offer a final open ended comment section. I think this is a major oversight. My comment would be that I am very disappointed that Adobe has chosen not to continue its support for ColdFusion development in Dreamweaver. I am forced to use the CS6 version of Dreamweaver and cannot take advantage of the improvements that have been made in the past few years. This seems to indicate a lack of commitment by Adobe to the ColdFusion platform.

  5. @Rakshith

    I was happy to see the survey. I hope you will publish the results. I have mixed feelings about the actual questions asked. Doubt they will give us a clear picture about the health of the community. But I’m excited to learn what we learn. Thanks

  6. I agree with David and Peter. I was not able to provide completely true answers to the survey the way it was prepared.

    This survey definitely needs an open ended comment section.

  7. Survey completed. Yes, the results of this would be very nice to see. Thanks for putting this up, Rakshith. And I agree, a final open question would have been nice.


    35. Which are some of the training resources that you used?

    That question should allow multiple selections, not just one.

  8. You weren’t at all interested in what features *of the CFML language* people might have opinions on? It’s all just business metrics, training and API Manager?

    I guess there was one nod to there even being a language component of ColdFusion in that Q where one puts the items in order.

  9. I have to agree with Adam on this one. The survey had nothing to do with voting on features of the next version. I hope the team is going to operate off the feedback of its users for new features.

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