Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2016 – Scheduler Posted

The scheduler for Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2016 is live now!  

The full schedule is available for viewing here

If you're registered for the event, please login here and schedule the sessions that you're interested in.  This will help our events team plan to have the most popular sessions in the larger rooms, and your schedule will be available to sync when the mobile app becomes available soon.

All the sessions are posted now, and we're really excited because this year we have a large number of real world solutions being presented around different ColdFusion implementations from customers and partners.  We also have expert sessions from some of the integrated vendor partners, so take a look and start scheduling your agenda!

If you have any trouble logging in, please email us.


Reminder: Our hotel room block is filling up and the deadline is next Friday, September 9th for the $115/night rate.  Please book early before the rooms fill. Reserve Rooms Here 

8 Responses

  1. Chris, we’re looking into this to see if it would be possible but at this point we haven’t set up for recordings. Alternatively, we’re looking at options for further remote training as well.

  2. @Elishia

    Thanks for replying, but “we’re looking into this to see if it would be possible”? What would make it impossible? I don’t see this as a matter of possible or not, it’s really a matter of commitment, because the technology exists making it absolutely possible. And I hope you commit to making it happen 🙂

  3. Agree with Chris. Another lame excuse by CF team.

    I bet if Adam Cameron was still using cf, he would have pulled out fact showing how many % of posts have such lame excuses by CF team in past one year.

  4. @Chris: Clearly the technology is available, but you may not be aware of the additional expenses involved with professionally releasing recordings of 40 different sessions. The costs add up, and as you know this conference is mainly budgeted through Adobe and not the conference fees. Releasing a sub-par recording of low quality is another consideration that we chose not to take.

    @Lewis: Sorry you view this as a lame excuse, because this team works extremely hard to put this conference together for the community. We are trying to put together the best conference we can with our resources.

    As for getting the content out to the community that isn’t able to attend, we are planning on doing that through both remote training events and smaller in-person events in North America.

  5. @Elishia

    That makes sense. I hadn’t considered the additional expense, but what are the goals of the conference? If the purpose is to drive engagement, then online videos would help IMHO and so it may justify the expense. I often wondered why conferences didn’t also provide a registration fee for online access only. For instance, $299/person gets you into the conference, $49/person buys you live stream, and $29 buy you immediate access to online archives. Then once the archives have been out there for a few weeks, make them available to everyone else for free. I’m making the numbers up, but you get my point. This would help cover the expense. Just a thought. I realize it’s probably too late in the game for this now as there’s already a ton to organize this time around.

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